How to tear down a wall?

How to tear down a wall?

Walls are classified according to their nature and location. Some walls are used for the external fencing of homes and those inside buildings. The latter, in turn, are divided into main walls and partitions. When you decide to tear down a wall, you need to use specific tools suitable for its type. Reading the article can indicate how to tear down a wall and the precautions to be adopted.

How to tear down a wall?

If you have to knock down an exterior wall, the job is quite simple. Dust dissolves in the air and rubble is not a problem for any flooring. When there are floors, it is advisable to cover them with packing cartons. Depending on the material with which the wall was made and based on its height, the felling is carried out either with a mallet and chisel (block or brick walls) or using a pneumatic hammer (reinforced concrete walls).

Step 1:

To remove an internal wall such as homes, offices and shops, the room must first be cleared of furniture and other objects. Then you have to check that it is not a load-bearing wall. This can be found out by consulting the cadastral plans, observing the building or measuring the thickness. The partitions are thin (from 8 cm to 12 cm), while the main walls have a greater thickness (minimum 25 cm). The main walls must not be demolished at all. In some cases, it is possible to open a passage on them by positioning special support beams. However, it is advisable to seek the advice of a technician.

Step 2:

After identifying the type of wall and its material, the floors must be protected to avoid scratching or damaging them. Make sure that there are no water pipes and electric wires inside the wall. If they are present, you must proceed with caution to avoid damaging them. The electricity must be disconnected from the general meter for safety reasons. If the wall is a partition, it must be knocked down starting from the top and down. While removing pieces of the wall, the debris must be removed using special bags.

Step 3:

Breaking down a reinforced concrete wall is a fairly complex operation. The retaining and master walls are made with this material. A pneumatic hammer must be used for its removal. Finally, to remove the majolica walls, the tiles must first be removed and then the wall must be knocked down. The rubble and dust that are generated are considerable; it is advisable to close the doors of the various rooms and cover the furniture with plastic sheets.

Tear down a concrete wall

First of all, the first operation to be carried out is to understand what type of wall will have to be demolished. If it is a question of main walls, these cannot be demolished as they represent the load-bearing walls and the stability of the building depends on them. If we are talking about partition walls, they can be knocked down by taking the necessary measures and using the right tools. If, on the other hand, it is a reinforced concrete wall, the operation will be more complicated.

Clear the room of furniture

Next, you will have to clear the room of furniture to prevent it from getting dirty or ruined. If you intend to change the floor as well, then there will be no problems, but if it is a floor to be preserved, you will have to use special protective sheets. Afterward, you will have to disconnect the light from the main switch to not run any risk. In the case of reinforced concrete, you can power the pneumatic hammer with electricity from another apartment to be more peaceful.

Carry out a mapping of electrical cables and water pipes

Since the pneumatic hammer is absolutely mandatory, it will be necessary to be very careful in using it to not damage the pipes and wires. Usually, in more recent buildings, it is good practice to map electrical cables and water pipes. One day, it can be used to avoid irreparable and annoying damage. Furthermore, together with concrete, solid bricks are often found: in that case, the task will become even more difficult because it will be more difficult to tear down a wall of this type. It will be necessary to open some sort of passage and create a hole in the wall to be knocked down.

Draw a line to visualize the part to be cut down

To do this, it will be necessary to highlight the part of the wall to be eliminated, selecting it with the plumb line, the level and a wooden strip. Carry out this measurement on both sides, also checking the thickness of the wall. At this point, you will have to draw a line to visualize the part to be knocked down. The plaster will then be engraved with a chisel and, finally, the wall will be demolished starting from the bricks themselves.

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