6 Big Reasons Never to Use Smart TV

Smart TVs are all the rage these days, acclimating to smart homes. Many people upgrade their old TV sets to a newer, smarter version for various reasons. Convenience and access to exclusive content are some of the benefits of buying a smart TV. But wait, access to unlimited entertainment comes at a cost and reliable internet. And that’s where you may start to think that buying Smart TV is too hasty of a decision. You should be familiar to the Pros and Cons of Smart TV first and foremost, according to experts best online casinos usa.

Smart TVs are today’s favorite entertainment source connected to the internet, and you can enjoy Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, and many more OTT platforms. A Smart TV is a television set with built-in Internet and Web 2.0 features. It can also connect to multiple devices and appliances in your home. A smart TV has a built-in browser, so you can access the Internet directly from your home screen without connecting to an external device.

Smart TVs have apps for popular services such as Netflix and Youtube, making it easy to stream high-quality videos with just the click of a button. You do not need to buy a separate device for your home entertainment system, as the smart TV offers all of this in one package.

1. Cost

Unfortunately, smart TVs are also very expensive; depending on what features you want, they can cost up to thousands of dollars. They are of decent quality but with all the extra features usually come higher prices. To make matters worse, most people will only get a few years out of their smartTV before some newer updated model seems worth it to upgrade to because there is always something new around the corner that blows past your outdated option in every way possible, courtesy of gamers of casino games.

2. Wifi Coverage is common of all the problems with Smart TV

Having wifi capability in a TV has advantages and disadvantages, just like having wifi anywhere else. Depending on your signal strength, you could have different speeds making streaming movies very frustrating if you do not have very fast internet in your area. Depending on how far TV is from the router, it may also cause problems with the streaming distance increasing or decreasing data usage significantly, costing more money over time.

3. Web Browser incompatibility

Without regularly updating their web browsers, smart TVs will become out of date and prone to security problems, just like any other piece of technology. Often it warns you that your browser is not up-to-date, but continuing use will cause the TV to crash or function at a sub-par level. This can be frustrating if using for online shopping or banking because it often requires the latest update, which will prevent you from completing what you are doing.

4. Potential Eavesdropping is one of many cons of Smart TVs

For anyone worried about privacy, this might be especially problematic. As more people purchase these smart TVs, manufacturers make them with less encryption making it easier for hackers to listen in on conversations taking place around the TV. Though this may only matter to paranoid people, there is always a chance someone could take advantage of a vulnerability.

5. Potential Downtime

Potential downtime is always going to be one of the biggest cons of smart TV, as no matter how strong your connection is, you’ll have to be ready to face it. If your wifi goes down for whatever reason, your smartTV no longer has any use at all because there is nothing you can do without an active connection. If it takes longer to reconnect, you will probably get stuck until they get it fixed. A solution to such issues would be an additional port for cable or set-top box.

6. Security and Privacy Risks Are Real

When you consider buying any “smart” product—which is any device that has the ability to connect to the internet—security should always be a top concern. Every internet-ready device contributes to the Internet of Things (IoT), which is arguably one of the worst security nightmares today. As it turns out, smart TVs are one of the worst offenders in this area. They put your privacy and security at risk in several ways; even the FBI has issued warnings about the risks of smart TVs.

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