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Sometimes it seems like the more decoration one adds to a home, the more sophisticated it will be. On the contrary, when it comes to interior design, less is often more. Simplicity in home decor brings peace and provides an overall feel of cleanliness. Too many items or colors, or the mixing of many styles together, creates stimulatory overload. This will look cluttered and thoughtless, and can even create a feeling of anxiety. Remember that when it comes to home decor, less is more.

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6 ways to create a stylish little home studio

Think you don’t have a home study space? With a little creativity and a little effort, it is possible to carve out space with everything you need for smart working. These ideas will help you create a surprisingly organized and elegant little studio.

Whether, in this lockdown period, you have moved your work home or just need a place to check emails. Organize bills or create, read and write. You will be more productive with a well-designed work area. What if you don’t have room for a real studio? It won’t be a problem if you can find your ideal corner. Today we offer you some inspiration and solutions for creating the perfect home office in small spaces.

As interior designers, our office is already in the house, precisely to optimize time. Since our work often takes place outside the home. It is not easy to keep order, but our workspaces, where creativity must be stimulated, must express functionality to the maximum. Our desk is deliberately placed near the window overlooking the courtyard, so the vision of trees and flowers inspires us continuously.

Even if you can’t find a real home study room, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you create a home office. That’s equally functional and welcoming, even in multifunctional spaces.

  1. How to create a study corner at home

Nobody said that small home offices should be spaces in their own right. Think outside the four-wall concept and think about how to transform an area of ​​your living room or bedroom. If there are multiple family members who need to share space, try to keep things tidy and organized. Giving each person an individual place to work or study.

You can buy desks or consoles of any size and style. So it’s not hard to find discreet furniture that matches your existing room and furniture.

Even during the lockdown period on many sites, it is still possible to continue to buy furniture online. A do-it-yourself alternative: you can always recover an old door or wooden top even a pallet in the cellar or attic, like legs, you can use two trestles or two chests of drawers…

You can also think of painting an old desk, to give it a more current look, which integrates with your existing furniture.

You may also want to consider using wall paint or rugs to visually delimit the area so that the effect is more intentional than improvised.

Living room: Sometimes it takes very little to create the necessary space for a home office. Perhaps starting to change the arrangement of the furniture in the living room. For example, you can move the sofa away from the wall so that you can place a desk or console right behind the sofa. It is a great way to create space for a home office.

When space is limited, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to be able to dedicate an entire room to a home office. So it’s worth thinking about how to create multiple uses for your space. Use cheap brackets and shelves, so you can turn an untapped wall (perhaps in the kitchen) into a desk for two, which you can use with bar stools.

Bedroom: Even a small niche between the wardrobe and the wall is enough to create a small equipped study corner. Even if it is too small for a piece of furniture, a chest of drawers. Or a desk, you can easily use the niche to support a work surface and create a “niche study”. Thinking of a multifunctional object, in the main bedroom. A desk could easily become a dressing table with the addition of a mirror.

  1. Take advantage of unused spaces

In a small space, we recommend that you find a shallow console or desk, perhaps with a drawer or glove compartment. There is also small furniture with a folding door: once you have finished working you can close the desktop to save even more space.

In these rooms, generally without windows, take care of the lighting. So as not to have the feeling of being in a cramped space.

Kitchen: If your home study is just your kitchen table, you will need space to store documents, stationery, and technology. Creating a home office “in a box” or in a pouf is a simple solution. Open the box on the kitchen or dining table and voila, the temporary home office is served! If you don’t have the opportunity to buy a pouf, find a simple box, make it more beautiful with some decorative paper or adhesive paper (wood or marble effect) that integrates with the furniture. So even if you leave it around it will not it will seem like something precarious. It can also become an improvised coffee table or seat for the living room.

  1. Don’t neglect the organization

Keeping an office organized can be difficult. Add shelves or racks above your desk area and invest in some storage bins or boxes to organize your work materials. Open shelving is an easy way to mix functional objects and decorative elements.

If you have space available, the wall units or small containers are ideal for storing documents and objects in view to leave everything in order.

  1. Choose a suitable color palette

Your home studio is a place that should inspire concentration, creative flow, and allow you to work without distractions. But often this is not the case. In fact, work areas can be the most neglected spaces in our homes: messy desks, environments with poor colors, which do not favor inspiration.

One of the fundamental principles of color theory is that the shades chosen to decorate a space can have a strong impact on our moods. Blue, for example, is often interpreted as calming. Commit to choosing a largely neutral color palette, which will allow you to focus most of your attention on the task at hand.

  1. Add personal touches

While it is important to focus on your home office. It is also essential to create a welcoming space where you will be happy to spend several hours. Don’t forget to add some decorative elements and paintings that highlight your personal tastes.

One of the easiest ways to do this (while still creating a coherent whole) is to allow your personal items to create accent colors, like little brush strokes.

  1. Bring the outside inside

Research shows that the presence of natural light in professional spaces has an extraordinarily positive impact on employee productivity and morale. It makes sense that these concepts translate easily into the home office environment as well. So find a way to include the outside inside. Whenever possible, make windows or verandas an integral part of your design for your study corner …

Think about placing the desk under the windowsill or if this is not possible open the curtains to let in natural light. Also, don’t hesitate to include other natural elements such as small green plants, which will add color to space, improving the mood and wholesomeness of the air.

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How to replace a toilet seal ring?

Sooner or later, it may happen to find a pool of water near the toilet. This is a symptom of a leak in the pipes. The problem generally arises from the connection between the cistern and the toilet. In particular, from the gasket that comes out of the wall and enters the cup. To check the situation, just pass your hand under the cuff. If the seal has broken, you can hear the water droplets. Since you can’t fix the problem with a repair, it means it’s time to replace it. If you decide to call a technician, the cost is certainly far from low. But you can opt for a replacement gasket with the DIY method. The work is quite simple and doesn’t take too long either. All it takes is a little goodwill and a few precautions. By reading this short tutorial, you can have some useful tips and correct information on how to replace a toilet seal ring. Here then are all the information necessary to be able to perform the job correctly.

How to replace a toilet seal ring?

You will need:

  • New gasket
  • Cutter
  • Wrench
  • Piece of wood


The first thing to do is to check how the job can be done. In fact, in modern systems, the replacement of the gasket can also be done without disassembling the bowl. However, this system is only possible if the connection pipe between the basin and the toilet has good tolerance. In this way, it can be pushed into the hole of the cup and then extracted from the other end.

Otherwise, the cup must be removed to carry out the work. Then you have to break any silicone band that fixes the toilet to the floor. Then you have to unscrew the two side bolts that keep it fixed to the floor. Then, you have to move the cup until it moves from its seat. When the toilet is sealed with mortar, to remove the bowl, you need to have a hammer and chisel. After removing the connection pipe to the water drain, the condition of the gasket must be checked. Even small cracks can be the cause of water loss.


After removing the damaged seal, it must be taken to the hardware store. By doing this, there is no risk of purchasing a gasket of the wrong size. At this point, the gasket must be reassembled inside the connection pipe. Before reassembly, it is advisable to clean the seat thoroughly using toilet paper. In this way, it is possible to absorb water and grains of any sand coming from the net.

In fact, they could hinder the perfect adhesion of the gasket. Later it is preferable to use talc to make the rubber of the gasket more elastic and soft and at the same time more durable. It is preferable to avoid the use of oil as it makes the surface too slippery and the tube goes back.


Now it’s time to insert the new gasket. You have to fold it and push it back to the drain. Then you have to pull it with your finger to place it in the appropriate recess. A small click is heard when the gasket reaches its seat. You should then check that it is in the right position. If necessary, a piece of wood can be used to push the pipe into the seal. During this operation, you have to act with caution otherwise you can make marks on the palms of your hands. Furthermore, do not move the connecting pipe several times to the side as cutting the circle could damage the rubber gasket.

Now it’s time to put the toilet back in its seat and then screw in the bolts. At this point, you have to pull the drain to verify that everything is working properly. If you follow all the steps in this guide carefully, you can easily replace the gasket yourself, saving you a lot of money.

We work with gloves to avoid getting hurt. We do not expect the leak to be large but replace the gasket as soon as possible.

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How to Clean a Shark Vacuum Quick Process

Welcome to our troubleshooting guideline on how to clean a shark vacuum. Today I’m going to give you a demonstration of how to clean a shark vacuum properly. So, let’s start and see what’s going on.

Take a Part

At first, take the shark apart and then release the wand from the base. They spit all that out. Now we don’t need this anymore.

So, we’re just gonna pop that to the side there’s a button here that needs a really big push down to release. Then it comes out because we will give this pin screw holes at each end which is amazing.

The next bit is to take off the lift way, which is this bit here, and then we’ve got the foot there for a cleaning, later on, lift away here.

By using the two silver buttons, this is a bit, a lot of you asked me about to literally going to press those together, to release the dirt capture for the pop on the floor.

Empty the Bin

So, you have to need to empty the dust cup, use a bin to clean all dust and debris.

It’s like coming to be pressing the gray button here at the bottom, and it’s really quick to empty into the bone so that it’s all gone.

Sometimes people suffered from so much pet hair debris so it’s important to take good and best shark vacuum for pet hair.

This is still some fluffy fits in here, which I will literally just pop my hands in to get those bits out.

Then there’s another box in here. So, I opened the top part of the capsule, open that part. You can get to the DHA, which is around the top here and again, very simple, and lean into the baby.

Clean up all the dust that is picked up from your car picks and this is now going to need really good rents or some nice warm, soapy water.

So, starting with the wall and I’ve got nice warm water here, just literally old cloth, giving it a nice plain sticking your finger in to get as much as she can.

So, the site to drive your main unit here. So, I’m forgetting to clean the outside of it too and that’s really important and just literally leave it in there for a bit then we’ll do it sort of.

Then with this part here, because you’d have been using this part here and then make sure you give that a really good wipe.

Remove Blockage

Get your cloth literally put that in with your finger. Just make sure you get as much as you can. If you have got a blockage, the best thing you can do in this section here is to get a wire coat hanger, make it fine and long, and then just put it down.

Now I haven’t got any blockages, so I can’t show you that, but that’s quite a simple bit to do going back now to the shark.

This section in here, you have this little bit that just literally, it just pops out quite simply and underneath there, you have this little filter bit as well.

So, if you want to give both of these a really good claim. So, as you can see, look there’s dirt on it from where it’s been years and the color of this is not fantastic.

Looks even got hair on it. So that shows you how often you should be cleaning these sorts of things. So really simply just pop and take out all dirt and debris.

You can take this bit out now and just let that drain on the sides quite naturally.

Then just give these bets and if you look at the color of the winter and if you don’t clean your vacuum, that is what it’s just going to be going around your house, which really isn’t very pleasant.

So, with this one here, after I’ve got as much as possible that you can see the ham and stuff on it, rinse it under the tap.

It’s not always about hot and it’s coming back to the color and it should be Ringler out the whole pit back.

Give that a shake on the base unit and just let that just dry on the unit. Very naturally. Leave those vents here that are clean again. Now just leave those to dry naturally.

So, this year’s part here, all the bits of obviously being clean. So, people still want to fluff, just give this a really good claim going in the holes like this.

You’re just getting all that dust and all that grime out around. You could use a small toothbrush if it’s quite bad just to get in those cracks and this part here.

So that’s quite a simple part to clean. Remember it is attached to electricity. So, you wouldn’t be putting that in the bowl.

Think it is just a very simple wipe. So, we have the foot off your shark and give it a nice wipe and paying attention to the wills and again getting in here the best it can.

I did let the dirt build up on this back here before I actually had done this article, there was no point in me showing you an article of a clean shark.

Clean Brushroll

A lot of you asked me all the time, how to get the roller brush out of the case on the side here. Look, inject roller, and it’s so simple, you have to need to press it and it pops out so easy.

Then this piece here you take to the sink, washing up liquid with warm water, and just give it a really good claim whilst that’s drying.

You now need to tackle this part of the unit. If you come in here, you can say how all the dirt is built up underneath the bowl which is disgusted based really simply if you just go with your finger and you get all that a towel quite easily.

So, it’s not a difficult job to do, but it is a job that you do all need to make sure you do it Just cleaning the roller top and washing up with liquid.

Then getting all the dirt out giving it a good read sign in the tap route and leave that to draw when it comes to the brush roll and It’s very simple.

The unit back over and you’ll see the button then just press the buttons and misfit releases.

This then allows you to take this section out and get that clean again and warm. So, people will stop and then you can come in this bit here with a wet cloth and gave all that really good clean as well.

There’s also in that section there where it says hair remover, a little brush, you can sweep away. All these little bits if you choose to.


So that’s just showing you a simple way to clean your shark duo clean. I hope you found that article useful and I did it just because so many people asking all the time how to clean the shark.

If you want to know more vacuum tips and tricks then you can go homeplix for more information.

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The TV in the room is a convenience that we hardly want to give up. Once, we were forced to have uncomfortable trolleys and settle for a small screen to keep in the bedroom, both because of the cost of the devices and because they were bulky and heavy. Nowadays televisions are thin as sheets of cardboard and all in all inexpensive, and therefore we can indulge ourselves in installing them. Let’s see where to put tv in small bedroom.

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Renovating a house is an action that always requires a lot of attention. Especially if you are forced to demolish a load-bearing wall to make the apartment of your dreams come true. As you can already guess from its name, it is a wall that helps keep the house firm’s entire structure. If it were demolished incorrectly, the stability of the entire building would be lost.

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There are many Small wooden house decoration styles that we can talk about daily. In general, most of them are oriented to common spaces such as floors. That is why, we also want to make a special mention of other types of homes, of which there is not much information, but which in recent years have been gaining market share.

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How to decorate tv area?

It’s curious. The adornment and design around the television, which is an important focal point of the living room or parlor, is a basic teaching in interior decoration courses. Decoratively speaking, television is a device with little aesthetic content, so leaving it alone on a wall would result in a poorly decorated room. We can get much more out of this wall.

How to decorate room with simple things at low cost?

Do you want to give a new touch to your room without spending more? Then you have to know these low-cost tricks that we are going to offer you here. They are simple ideas that, in addition, are very economical and that will help you to give a different touch to your room. By placing plants, mirrors, photographs or changing the curtains, you will make your room acquire a different and much more welcoming touch. Therefore, if you want more ideas to inspire you, we encourage you to continue in this article in which we tell you how to decorate room with simple things. Renovating your home has never been easier!

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Vintage, geometric, baroque, modern, creative, solitary, multiple … Mirrors have become decorative elements that can highlight and enhance many spaces in your home. Originally, they were built as symbols of beauty and magic since they could reflect reality. Thanks to industrial evolution, interior design has been revolutionized thanks to the multiple mirror designs that we find on the market. Discover a whole world of decorative possibilities. This time you will learn how to decorate a wall with mirrors. Take note and revolutionize the spaces in your home with a little creativity and style.

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Currently, the spaces we inhabit are increasingly reduced, the small bathroom being one of the scarcest spaces in today’s homes. Spaces of two or three square meters should be used to bathe, store towels, personal cleaning items, and be harmonious places for us and our visitors, which is why small bathroom design ideas are so important.