Miley Cyrus house tour: everything you need to know

Miley Cyrus house

Miley Cyrus house tour is the talk of the town these days! The reason behind all the buzz is Miley Cyrus’s home. Yes, you heard it right. The famous singer’s home has been declared a historic landmark.

Not just that, but fans can now visit the place to get an exclusive look at Miley’s life and how she has decorated her house. But before we dig deeper into the details of Miley Cyrus’ house tour, let’s cover some essential information about it first.

Overview of Miley Cyrus’s house

Miley Cyrus house
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Miley Cyrus’s house is located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California. The home was built in 2009 and includes an indoor swimming pool, spa, and theater. It also has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. There is a recording studio, gym, and wine cellar on the property as well. It includes several gardens that include a vegetable garden, herb garden, and fruit orchard.

Miley Cyrus has spent many years building her successful career as a musician and actress. She is known for her eccentric style and statements on social issues. Thus, the house she lives in reflects these aspects of her life. The house features many extravagant features such as an indoor swimming pool, spa, and movie theater. It also has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. In addition to these features, it includes a recording studio, gym, and wine cellar.

Is the Miley Cyrus house tour worth it?

The Miley Cyrus house tour is a popular attraction at Disney’s Disneyland Resort in California. It offers visitors a chance to explore the iconic home of the singer and her family. The house tour is free and open to people 18 and over. Visitors must be in costume for the tour, though this doesn’t mean they need to dress up as Miley Cyrus. Visitors are encouraged to dress up in their favorite outfit, costume, or theme for a chance to win one of several prizes.

The house tour lasts about an hour and a half and visits six areas of the home including the kitchen, family room, basement, garden room, laundry room, and garage. There are multiple stops throughout the tour where guests can take pictures and have interactions with various mementos such as life-size cutouts of Miley Cyrus or her sister Noah Cyrus. The house tour follows the same itinerary every day, so it’s important to check the itinerary online before visiting to make sure you’re going to a stop on the tour that interests you most.

Ways to see Miley Cyrus’s house without going on the tour

If you’re interested in seeing Miley Cyrus’s house without going on the tour, here are a few options for getting a virtual walk-through of the property.

– Use Google Street View: This is a great option for viewing Miley Cyrus’s house remotely. You can take a virtual tour of her home using a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. With this option, you can view Miley Cyrus’s house from any location with internet access. However, it may take some time to download the necessary files and complete the tour.

– Follow Miley Cyrus on social media: You can also follow Miley Cyrus on social media to get alerts about her tours and events. This will allow you to get advanced notice of her house tours, which could save you time and hassle.

– Contact the property owner: If you want to visit Miley Cyrus’s house in person, there are several ways to contact the property owner. You can ask if you can visit their house or get a tour. Another option is to sign up for the Miley Cyrus fan club newsletter, which will often send notifications about her tours and events. Finally, you can find out about Miley Cyrus’s events by checking local newspapers or attending a live concert or event.

These are just a few of the options available to see Miley Cyrus’s house without going on a tour. As stated above, using options like these could save you time and hassle and allow you to enjoy Miley Cyrus’s house without hassle,


If you’re looking for a place to visit in the Tennessee area, we would recommend checking out the Miley Cyrus house. It’s definitely an experience worth having, and it’s perfect for travelers who want to get to know a star’s real-life home. Besides, touring the house is as fun as being on the tour itself. You get to see behind-the-scenes Cyrus’s life, and that can only be good!

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