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Classic ideas, through those of the 50s and what is new in our day to day, are what has established certain trends. And designs in interior decoration. For this year, the use of colors, materials, sizes in pieces. And spaces vary and can be radically different from one style to another.

The world of home decorations has the following trends for us today, which share elements in common, but without a doubt with differentiating elements.


This is a simple style for those who go hand in hand with less, are more, and who imagine what few elements can achieve in space, projecting style and tranquility. This concept, contrary to traditional decoration, gives space to the space, highlighting the role of furniture and accessories, without saturation.

As for decorative elements, they may be few. For example, those that can be had in a room, but in them, their unique and striking appearance is highlighted within the simplicity of the concept. On the subject of color, two or three base colors are used. Between white and light, which reflect tranquility and spaciousness.


Contemporaneity home decorations

This environment projects order and elegance, through wooden floors, unicolor tiles, and the use of two base colors. Simplicity and harmony between tones are also a must in this style. Color saturation does not fit this concept, so choose your two favorite colors and make them the canvas of contemporaneity.

The home decorations that are taken into account in this style are the ones that set the trend since the beginning of the new century, calling for the modern with the use of materials such as wood, stone, metal, and concrete in smooth textures and no surcharge on finishes.

The size of the objects here can be larger, and not necessarily from the minimalist concept. You can even do much more with lighting, since this is also perceived as art, so you can give prominence to modern and striking lamps that complement the decoration.

Home Decorations In The Industrial Style

The birth of this style in particular. Today it shows us elegance and modernity. However, it comes from the fifties when young artists used as their home factories that were abandoned, for not being able to pay the rent elsewhere. Thus, that combination of dark colors and brick or dark walls without major touches are so characteristic of this style that today, more than one wants to have in their home!

Elements like wood and leather are the life of the industrial personality. The so-called structural elements; Like ducts and pipes, they are perfectly well seen and you do not have to worry about their visual state, perhaps they did not do it in the old factories either. Dark colors apply wonderfully and you can make use of vintage-style sofas and furniture.

Nordic Style

The particular climatic conditions of the Nordic countries. Where natural light can be present for as little as seven hours during the day, helped to forge the Nordic style in home decorations; seeking to find a sense of clarity and constant comfort. The white color is one of the flagship flags in terms of color, precisely to generate that feeling of clarity.

This weather; cold and causing dark moments most of the day, deserves covers and blankets. The use of textiles in Nordic decoration cannot go unnoticed, imagine if you lived in this area of ​​the planet. Something that gives you warmth would surely be a coverlet or blanket. Which you would love to find handy in your living room or bedroom.


Now, a style can be born from the combination of two already existing ones. As is the case of the Japandi style; which adds Scandinavian. And Japanese, whereas a result reflects the feeling of nature and minimalism. Spreading warmth and generating pleasant and comfortable spaces for the habitat.

Although there is a presence of minimalism. The Scandinavian style makes use of textiles. And a variety of furniture that is worth taking advantage of in conjunction with the ideas of Japanese design. The use of plants, the exaltation of white and geometric prints in the home decoration of the japandi style, are keys to great success in decorative accessories.

Boho Chic:

One of the aspects that are most explored in this style is the use of color, which goes in all its diversity. There are no limits and you can have many in the same space or accessory. Who wants to feel a bohemian style, it is because he knows that freedom in this concept comes first. So you have no restrictions, bring to reality that colorful environment you dream of, with light and intense tones.

It is the same idea with textures, it explores different and thus generates a sense of modernity. Having a new art with elements that transmit the energy of other cultures is a great idea for this type of environment. You maintain the concept of nature by making use of wood and plants that enhance the naturalness of the place.

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