How Do You Pick A Concealment Vest?

When choosing a concealment vest, it’s important to choose one with simple features, such as chest pockets and snap closure pocket slots. Also, choose a  ccw vest with a pull tab or a zipper closure if possible, as these are the most common. But if you’re unsure, read on. This article will help you decide on the right vest for your needs. We’ll cover features you should look for in a concealment vest and what to look for in a vest.

Choosing a concealment vest

Choosing the right concealment vest for CCW can be challenging. Many types are available, and the price range varies greatly. Set a budget before you start shopping and stick to it. Remember, being more expensive does not necessarily mean better. A lightweight vest is best for everyday wear. However, if you plan to use the concealment vest on special occasions, you can buy a heavier one. Also, remember that the more expensive vests may have poor quality.

Whether carrying a handgun concealed or not, a concealment vest allows you to carry a gun without attracting attention. While some people don’t think of carrying a gun while being out in public, many Americans choose to conceal their weapon in a vest. Concealed carry vests come in many styles and materials. Choose one that complements your style, from sporty to sophisticated.


A concealed carry vest is a simple garment that conceals a firearm. Most concealed carry vests are made of heavy-duty fabric. A velcro-attached pocket provides a convenient way to store a handgun. A pocket holster can be purchased separately. While they are not perfect, a velcro pocket is very convenient and can fit a small or medium-sized gun.

A good concealed carry vest has several pockets: a shallow pocket for sunglasses or bullets and an elastic-looped, bellowed pocket for a spare pistol magazine, a film or flashlight, or both. A couple of extra pockets are also integrated into the rear of the vest. These compartments are spacious and have Velcro closures. A concealed carry vest is unnoticeable and may be worn anyplace. However, choosing a concealment option to carry your firearm safely is important.

A concealed pocket may include a hidden compartment inaccessible from the outside. The pocket is formed between two layers of material with a vertical slot opening adjacent to the closure of the vest. A preferred embodiment of concealed pockets includes a patch of Velcro hook and loop material. The hooks are spaced apart and parallel to each other. It allows the concealed pocket to be positioned in any location and orientation.


You first need to know how to size a concealed carry vest. The size chart below will help you determine the best size for your body shape. The vest should fit loosely enough that you can conceal your firearm but not too loose that it prints your firearm. In addition, you need enough room for a base layer under your vest. If you’re between sizes, consider ordering one size larger.

Another thing to consider is the material. A concealed carry vest can be made of just about any type of material you can imagine. The vest’s weight speaks volumes about the thickness of the fabric, which is very important if you carry a gun. Also, the material should breathe well. It’s best to choose a lightweight, breathable material. Consider a vest with a vertical zipper closure if you’re looking for a concealable holster.


A concealable carry vest has a few important features essential for law-abiding people. One of these features is the amount of space available for your handgun. A good concealed carry vest will include plenty of space for your handgun and have several velcro pockets for convenient gun storage. The pockets should be easy to access and secure, with some holsters placed in pockets with oversized zippers, while others are designed to be small.

Another feature you should look for is weight. While some lightweight versions are available, the heaviest ones are made of leather. If you plan to carry a heavy handgun in your vest, the vest should be lightweight to reduce its overall weight. Make sure to choose a lightweight concealable carry vest if you are concerned about your weight while walking. The heaviest options tend to weigh more, making you appear intruders.

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