How to clean a suede couch?

clean a suede couch

Suede is a surface that has been created with the intent to allow one side of the fabric to be smooth and shaven while leaving the other side fuzzy. This creates a dilemma when it comes time to clean the material. Some people like to do it themselves, while others look for professionals who know how to clean suede furniture.

Suede is comparable to velvet in some ways. When considering taking care of your furniture, it is important to keep the surface type in mind.

Both suede and velvet are made up of fibers that are very delicate in nature. This makes them prone to dirt build-up, stains, fading, and other sorts of damage. On the other hand, both suede and velvet are attractive surfaces that add a special character to any room they occupy.

Steps to clean a suede couch

  1. Vacuum the couch with an upholstery attachment to get rid of any loose dirt particles before you begin your cleaning regimen.
  2. Mix a mild soap solution (no more than 1/4 cup of soap per gallon of water). Pour some into a spray bottle, and spritz it onto the suede surface in short bursts.
  3. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the soap solution into the fabric. If any stubborn stains won’t come out, let the first round of soapy water sit on them for about 10 minutes before you continue cleaning.
  4. Once most of the dirt is gone, use another wet cloth to wipe away the sudsy water. Allow the suede to air dry completely before you proceed to Step 5 (if it is not humid outside).
  5. Mix a small amount of leather conditioner into your palm. Apply this directly to any pieces that are especially dirty or dry, and rub them gently with your hands until the conditioner has been absorbed.
  6. Allow your couch to completely dry before you sit on it again. Some people choose to turn a fan onto the surface of their couch while it is still wet to speed up the drying process. Others simply allow it to take its time and clean other things in the meantime.
  7. For any stains that have been set in by liquids, read the label to see what sort of cleaning solution is recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can try a mix of white vinegar and water if your couch doesn’t have any special instructions for stains.
  8. Apply the solution with a sponge or cloth to get rid of stubborn marks on your furniture. Let it sit for approximately 10 minutes before you wipe it away.
  9. Rub the surface again with a leather conditioner, and repeat Steps 5 through 7 to ensure that your couch is clean.

Does water ruin the suede couch?

It is a common myth that water can ruin a suede couch. Water does not damage the fabric unless you leave it to soak in for an extended period of time. In fact, most types of soapy water will clean up just fine. Your coach must be allowed to dry thoroughly afterward, however, as this prevents mildew from growing on the surface.

There are many ways to keep your suede couch clean, whether you choose to handle the cleaning yourself or hire a professional. Remember that when water is applied sparingly and allowed to dry completely afterward, it will not cause any damage to the fabric.

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