Ten ideas to decorate a white hallway

Decorate white hallway

With pictures, wainscoting, moldings, sculptural appliqués… We’ve put together 10 easy and highly effective ideas to decorate and bring life to a white hallway.

If you are one of those who believe that there can be nothing blander than a blank corridor, get it out of your head! A white corridor can be a great opportunity to turn this transit area into a special space in the house. And it is that white, as neutral color that it is, is the perfect canvas. A painting, a plant, a special piece of furniture, a rug… we give you the ideas and you choose.

Wallpaper A Wall to Dress Up A Hallway In White

If a white corridor seems decoratively bland to you, you can be inspired by this idea by interior designer Pablo González, who covered one of the walls with checkered wallpaper that gives it color and character. It is an easy and quick option that will add warmth to this transit area.

A Special Painting To Decorate A White Hallway

Painting ideas for white hallway

Pictures are the classic resource when it comes to decorating a hallway and, if it is white, giving it the color, in turn. But, in addition to customizing this space, they can also help you visually modify its dimensions. This option, for example, is especially suitable for narrow and long corridors, because the attention is focused on the end of the corridor, visually shortening it.

Art Deco Lamps Decorate A White Hallway

This hallway, decorated by Ramisa Projects & Fun, is white but super elegant. From the moldings or the glass enclosure to the detail of its hanging lamps, Art Deco style, white and gold. They are a classic element that will never go out of style and add a lot of style to this transit area. And it is that lighting corridors and halls can become a great opportunity to add a lot of style to them.

A Paint Wainscoting That Brings A White Hallway to Life

Decorating a white hallway using color is a very easy and effective solution to decorate it. And, in addition, with a minimum investment. And the best? If you get tired, just repaint it again and you’re good to go. This proposal is from stylist Monica Klamburg, who decided to give more joy and light to a narrow and long corridor. That’s why she opted for this pastel but vital tone.

A Fiber Rug That Adds Warmth to A White Hallway

Nothing like a rug to dress up, add warmth and make any hallway in white more welcoming. Choose it with short hair –it traps less dirt than the shaggy type–, washable and long-lasting. Those made of natural fibers, like this one, are a must because they are warm in winter, cool in summer, and easy to maintain.

A King Size Plant Brings A Touch of Green to A White Hallway

Green is infallible in decoration. And the hallway does not have to be an exception. We like the idea of ​​the decorator Marta Tobella, from Sacum, who took advantage of a corner of the corridor that leads to the bedrooms to decorate it and bring it to life with a large-format plant, like this beautiful kentia. Only this detail makes this white hallway more welcoming and special.

A Blank Hallway Decorated With Moldings

Decorating with moldings is an easy and cheap resource with a transforming effect on the space. The new polyurethane ones, Orac Decor type, are available in countless designs, from the most classic to the most current lines, sizes, and formats. In fact, it is possible to simulate false paneling with its 3D coverings.

A Bespoke Bench That Creates A Very Charming Corner

In wide white corridors, like this one designed by Asun Antó, decorating them with selected pieces of furniture is a doubly effective resource. On the one hand, you dress in a space that could look too soulless and bland, and on the other, you take advantage of it. Here, a cantilevered bench has been planned that, in addition to creating a pleasant seating area, colors thanks to the cushions and makes this wide corridor more welcoming.

Some Very Stylish Wall Lights That Look Like A Sculpture

Lamps or decorative objects? Both of them! Choosing special sconces, which by themselves are very decorative and an eye-catcher is a great idea to dress up a white hallway. These, in gold and forming a composition, look like a sculpture.

Game of Symmetries To Decorate The Hallway

This corridor shows that well decorated, it can become one more asset of the decoration. Decorator Cristina Mas Mir created a symmetrical composition in the hallway that leads to the kitchen, with two paintings from the same collection illuminated by twin lamps. The crown molding just completed this elegantly beautiful space.

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