How to decorate a small room with two beds

Small bedroom decoration

How to decorate a small room with two beds

Easy? When there’s room to spare, maybe. But in rooms of conventional size, you have to give it a thought to get the most out of it and that between the wardrobe, the bedside table, and the desk.

Siblings do not have to be the same age. You may need to decorate a small room with two beds and these ideas and keys will guide you on how to do it in the best possible way, whether it is a children’s, youth, or guest bedroom.

Two Beds In A Main Or Guest Room

Ideas to decorate small bedroom

Is the main room with two beds or a guest room? Few meters? Use a bed 90 cm wide by 190 cm long to gain centimeters. Place the beds with space between them and between each one and the wall. 40 cm in the middle is enough to place a narrow bedside table.

Together Or Separately?

In children’s rooms with two beds or for guests, the option of placing the two 90 cm wide beds together turns the solution into a queen size bed. Space is gained by not leaving a central gap and there is always the option of separating the mattresses in the event that two people who prefer it sleep.

Tips To Make The Perfect Bed

In this video, we teach you how to make a magazine bed. After seeing it, continue with the photos and more ideas for two beds.

The Visual Effect Of A Headboard Split In Two

An idea to keep in mind when a small room is decorated with two beds that are together in the center of the room is that the headboard can be “split” in the center so that the two mattresses are visually perceived well, even if they are together. If the room is small, 50 cm can be left on each side and a shelf or shelf installed on the wall as a bedside table is enough for them.

Small Room With Two Beds And Built-In Headboard

No room for a nightstand? If there is a gap between the end of the bed and the wall in a layout with two parallel beds, create a shelf or masonry headboard that will serve as a decorative and practical support. In addition, niches can be created in such a piece of furniture and installations can be installed to integrate the reading lights. As it is a continuous element, it gives unity to the composition.

Two Beds In A Row In A Small Elongated Room

If the bedroom has a long and narrow floor plan, a good idea to distribute the space is to place the two beds on the same side, in line, against the wall. One after the other, with no space between them. The headboard would be at opposite ends so as not to disturb the other person when sleeping with their feet. This organization facilitates access to the beds, it is possible to opt for structures with storage underneath or create a cabinet front. And, of course, it is compatible with the idea of ​​decorating youth rooms with two folding beds.

Two Beds In Line With Shared Headboard

The same idea of ​​two beds in a line in a small and elongated room, but with an element between each one that acts as a two-sided headboard. In this case, it is a custom piece that grants privacy to each side of the bedroom. If space allows, it can protrude up to 130 cm from the wall to support a bedside table.

Small Square Room

When thinking about how to place two beds in a small room with a square floor plan, the option of doing it in an L shape or at an angle with the beds attached to the walls is perfect. The center of the room is clear and it is possible to comfortably access the storage drawers that are under the mattresses. Like here, if you need an extra bed, look up there’s room!

Two Beds At An Angle But With a Height

A similar idea to the previous one is to distribute two beds in a small room with this design. They are L-shaped or at an angle, but one of them gains height, which makes it easier, on the one hand, to insert the bed slightly below ground level; and create a study area or cabinets under the raised structure.

Bunk Beds Of Course

Children ‘s bunk beds are a perfect option to place two beds in a small room, especially when the ceiling height allows it. The higher, the better. The most important thing is to check that the total height of the structure leaves enough space between the upper bunk and the ceiling. It has to be possible to sit on the “top” bed. How to gain centimeters in low rooms? With a design that leaves the lower mattress at ground level. And if you’re wondering, how to put two pull-down beds in a small room, with a bunk bed-it’s also possible.

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