Different Industrial Bag Filters

There are many types of bag filters. Fil-Trek, GORE, and High-Emission are a few that you can choose from. Learn more about them in this article. Then select the type that best fits your needs. First, we’ll explain the differences between these types of filters and the benefits of each. And remember, they’re easy to use! Next, we’ll talk about the GORE high-efficiency bags and Fil-Trek low emission bag filters and compare their advantages and disadvantages. You can learn more about it online or through different services like industrial bag filters VA.


A bag filter is a perfect solution if you need to remove oil or debris from a liquid. These filters are inexpensive, durable, and have many applications. Fil-Trek industrial bag filters are a popular choice for various industries, including oil & gas, power & utilities, and municipal water. Fil-Trek carries a wide variety of mesh, pleated, and felt bags for industrial purposes.

Designed for use in various industries, Fil-Trek offers both surface and depth filter cartridges. The latter is designed to collect contaminants throughout the filter structure while the former accumulate them on the outermost layer. Filt-Trek filters are available in various sizes, including skidded pilot units. In addition to bag filters, Fil-Trek also offers a variety of other filtration equipment.


In addition to various filtration purposes, GORE offers a complete line of low drag industrial bags for the steel industry. These bags are an essential addition to any industrial setting that requires dust control and are compatible with a wide range of existing baghouse systems. In addition, dioxins are a growing threat in industrial settings, and filtration with GORE Industrial Bag Filters can help protect the environment from this hazardous substance.

For carbon black plants, GORE Filter Bags reduce the amount of particulate matter in emissions and maximize airflow. This results in improved cleanability and increased capture efficiencies. These filtration bags feature high-performance PTFE-based membranes that prevent the binding of filtration media. These filters are designed to offer the lowest total cost of ownership of any filter. They can last up to three times longer than other filters and are compatible with most industrial processes.

Fil-Trek Low Emission

If you’re in the market for high-quality air filter media, Fil-Trek Low Emission Industrial Flow Bag Filters are a great option. This manufacturer specializes in customized housing equipment, replacement media, and filtration-related spare parts. As a result, you’ll find all kinds of high-quality filter bags to fit your needs. And because the company offers a wide variety of options, you can choose the most efficient one for your needs.

These high-capacity pleated bag filters offer maximum surface area and minimum change-outs. These filters are available in various nominal and absolute efficiencies and can extend the life of standard felt bags by up to four times. Depending on your specific application, Fil-Trek offers a wide selection of pleated bag filter housings to meet your specifications. In addition to standard ASME code bag housings, Fil-Trek also builds custom-sized perforated baskets and skid packages.

GORE High Emission

The GORE (r) REMEDIA(r) Catalytic Filter Bags are a great solution for reducing emissions. This product is effective in removing dioxins and furans from the air. Its high-quality material is suitable for many applications, including medical waste incineration, hazardous waste incineration, and metal smelting. In addition, a Gore filter bag will last longer than standard bags.

Lisen Cement Plant upgraded the operating parameters of the dust collection system and reduced the dust emission rate to less than 5 mg/Nm3. This upgrade will result in an annual energy savings of Y=330 000. The upgrade consisted of physical improvements to the dust collector unit and replacing non-coated felt filter bags with GORE LOW DRAG filter bags. These filters offered clear economic and performance benefits and valuable data for the Southwest Cement Group’s environmental initiatives.

GORE Low Emission

The seam-taped filter bags developed by Gore offer excellent product capture and filtration efficiency. These bags start with a proven low emission filter bag and then feature patented high-temperature, high-durability seam tape. They are designed for a variety of industrial applications, including primary filters, biomass-to-energy power plants, chemical manufacturing processes, and waste incineration. In addition, the low emission properties of these bags make them ideal for chemical processes and other industrial applications.

The GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags incorporate membrane filtration on the surface of the filter. The membrane enables lower pressure differentials, which reduces fan energy. The resulting increased height allows the installation of taller GORE Filter Bags, which reduces overall dust collection. The housing can be treated with anti-corrosion and rust removal for additional dust collection efficiency. Welding can eliminate air leaks in the system.

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