Ideas to decorate your roof garden

Roof garden ideas

Having a roof garden in your home will not only increase its value, but you will also be able to enjoy an elegant and useful amenity. In addition to the decorative purpose they offer, roof gardens are ecological, they can provide food, acoustic insulation, and temperature control. They are also an important space for relaxation and recreation.

Make the roof garden you always wanted reality and exploit your creativity with the ideas we have for you.

Furniture in your roof garden and how to arrange them

Roof garden decoration

Wood, The Perfect Ally

Something that you should take into account is the use of textures for the exterior, wood is an excellent option because it will contrast with the elements that are outdoors while giving it a rustic touch. In addition, wood is a resistant and durable material.

Pallets, Cheap And Beautiful

pallets! Perfect for a modern, rustic and bohemian terrace. They are currently very fashionable because they combine with everything, they are accessible and at the same time have a lot of personalities. Add details like pillows, lights, decorations on the walls, and voilà.

To Bar

A bar will be the perfect touch. It will look very elegant and will be very useful to you. Get high chairs and your best wine collection, you will have the best meetings.

Hammocks And Hanging Chairs

Your roof garden will look great and fresh with hammocks and hanging chairs, you will feel that you have the beach in your home. These details will give your terrace a bohemian chic look, reminiscent of the style of paradisiacal places, such as Tulum.

Acapulco Chairs

These chairs are currently in trend thanks to their spontaneity and casual appearance. In addition to being easy to place in spaces, they are very comfortable. Choose different colors and give a creative and cheerful touch to your roof.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is elegant and perfect for the outdoors. You can choose a room with light colors to convey a feeling of relaxation, like the beach; they can also be dark like wood, resembling nature. Complement it with cushions of your liking, a coffee table of the same material, or any extra decoration.

Opt For A Minimalist Style, Distribute Your Furniture

Distributing your furniture will allow you to take advantage of the spaces on your roof and it will look bigger. In the same place, you can have within reach a dining room and room to rest.

If It Is Roofed, Take Advantage

Take advantage of your roof terrace, turn it into a room for outdoor events. You can put rugs, armchairs, and tables with finishes.

Plants Can’t-Miss

Of course, green spaces are essential, it is worth adding all kinds of plants, from small to large. Add some eye-catching pots, flowers, and a small window box. Another excellent idea is to have hanging pots.

Lights And Details

There is nothing more beautiful than small outdoor lights, they will turn your roof garden into a cozy, beautiful, and warm place. Add details like colored or patterned cushions, decorative posters, candles, and more.

The Color

Choose the atmosphere and sensations supported by color. You can paint the walls in bright colors such as yellow, green, or lilac, to create a spring and cheerful atmosphere. You can also choose blue and give it a marine, beachy and relaxed personality, or brown and reddish colors, much more autumnal and homey. Colors can also reach your spaces through textiles, furniture, and paintings.

Optimize Spaces For Your Small Roof Garden

Take advantage of every angle and space of the place. You can use the corners to help, get small furniture that is comfortable and still aesthetic, such as stools, cushions on the floor, and small coffee tables.

A Cozy Space

You don’t have to worry if your house doesn’t have a rooftop, you can turn your balcony into an authentic, comfortable and stylish space. As we mentioned before, pallets can be of great help to you, they are easy to accommodate in small spaces and with some pillows, you will have a modern armchair. The lights give it a romantic and beautiful touch.

Create Your Vertical Garden

Plants are an extraordinary company, they give these spaces a lot of life. You can have a vertical garden and accompany them with furniture to rest like an armchair.

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