What does a newborn need to sleep safely?

newborn need to sleep safely

You have already heard that the baby will spend a lot of time sleeping in the first few months, although it is not always when it is good for one. You have to be clear that the priority is the rest and safety of the baby at bedtime and not the beauty of the crib, quilts, or the newborn baby’s sleeping bag.

Dressing the baby’s crib is not a matter of choosing some newborn sheets or blankets and that’s it. There is a very important issue that affects your safety and to which we must give priority. Here are the basics your newborn will need to sleep. Read more: Baby too big for bassinet

Basics of the newborn to sleep

If you decide to co-sleep 100%, skip point one. The other points remain the same but instead of for the crib for the bed.

Mini crib or bassinet (the first months) or crib. The crib or bassinet is more practical to carry around the house during the day. Even if you do co-sleeping from the beginning, they will be very practical, but they only serve a few months. Here I talk about the different types of cribs and what to look for when shopping for them.

Firm mattress perfectly adjusted to the crib. Two sets of sheets. An extra sheet for the mattress will come in handy if he spits up often. The best sheets for a newborn crib are those that hold up well to washing and do not scratch.

A thick blanket adjusted to the temperature it will do at the time of birth or, later, two sleeping bags. I did not use sleeping bags. My daughter, with a little heat that she has, does not sleep nor has she ever slept, but to go for a walk, they are better than a blanket. I use the blanket when we are on the terrace or balcony. In the crib, it is NOT recommended to have any type of blanket for the safety of the baby.

A washable mattress protector that fits snugly against the mattress. Get one more if your baby spits up a lot. This 50×80 cm one breathes and is waterproof, here 60×120 cm. Keep reading https://awoc.org/what-is-the-difference-between-an-air-purifier-and-a-humidifier/

Full body pajamas for sleeping. More or less finite, so you don’t have to worry about whether his booties come off or if he gets cold in his belly or anything. The sleeping bag for newborns is a matter of taste or if it is a very cold house.

As an extra, I would recommend some muslin to wrap it. With some children, it is the hand of a saint. They relax and fall asleep because they are curled up as if in the womb. See that they are breathable and of quality, because some are not cotton and make them sweat and others are very rough to the touch.

Actually, not much is needed, but there are several factors to consider. The most important thing is to follow the recommendations to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

. Regarding this, they recommended always putting her on her back in the hospital and a few more things that I will tell you now.

Safety recommendations

The mattress must be firm so that the baby does not sink into it.

No pillows, stuffed animals, bows, ribbons, or padded bump protectors.

Cotton or synthetic sheets should not be flannel or any material that releases lint.

The bottom sheets must fit very well to the mattress of the crib or mini-crib to avoid that when the baby starts to move, they can come loose and roll up in them. Here you can see how it is recommended to make the crib to avoid incidents.

The top sheet or quilt should be well tucked under the mattress at the bottom and sides to prevent the baby from getting wrapped up in them.

The baby’s head should not be able to get between the posts of the crib.

The mattress should fit snugly to the size of the crib. If it is smaller, the baby can get trapped between the mattress and the crib.

The cradle must be robust. It is not a plan that the child will fall on it. Our crib was made of fabric, but it was impossible for it to fall apart on the little one.

Practical and hygiene considerations:

The mattress is not washed, so I recommend mattress protectors. They are washable and disposable. Always check that they are well stretched under the mattress sheet to avoid incidents.

The newborn, at first, does not move much but usually regurgitates milk: a towel under his head when sleeping, tucked into the sides of the mattress, will prevent us from washing sheets many times.

Take into account when the baby is born. You won’t need the same thing if it’s 5 degrees than 30.

The baby’s sleeping bag suffers more from washing and does not dry as quickly. You’ll need to have at least two newborn bags in case he spits up or poops on him. Another problem is that if it’s hot, we won’t be able to take it off without waking up the baby (scared). I already told you that I would only use it if it is a very cold house, but even so, I would try chubby pantyhose and body under winter pajamas, depending on the temperature is higher, you stop putting pantyhose on it and that’s it. It gives more games, in my opinion than sleeping bags.

We are big fans of co-sleeping, but the truth is that the first part of the night was always made in his crib or mini-crib happier than a partridge. You may also be interested in this post about what the baby needs to travel and walk safely.

The first few weeks I put a small towel under her head when I put her to bed, but as soon as she started to move her little head I stopped doing it as a precaution (SIDS).

During the day, after getting up, I always aired the room (I’ve done it all my life and I still do it) very well. I try to have fresh air and a comfortable temperature in the room at bedtime. I never used more than one blanket and one quilt or comforter. If I was hot, I would take the covers off the baby and even lower the blanket.

For the health of the baby, rest is very important, of course, but we must not forget that if the baby sleeps well, the mother and father will also be able to do so and will have more encouragement and energy to take care of him. In addition, the mother will recover sooner. You may also like to read What does a cool-mist humidifier do?

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