Decoration of country house with a lot of charm

Country house decoratiom

Are you thinking of decorating a country house? Then you are in the right place. We show you some spectacular rustic-style stone and wood houses. So you can get ideas when decorating your private cottage, and achieve a rustic magazine house.

Combining the warmth of wood and the elegance of stone, with cozy and warm textiles. And no less surprising rustic accents and details, these 15 country houses have stolen our hearts.

And it is that within interior decoration, and rustic decoration, you can achieve interiors as inspiring and beautiful as these.

How to decorate a country house

A Stone House In A Mountain Village

How to decor country house

This magnificent mountain house in Spain was built in the 19th century and, in the past, it was the village club: local people gathered here to watch movies, perform dances, and other social events. Today, the house belongs to a private owner who has turned it into a cozy oasis of comfort and tranquility. The stone wall in the living room is beautiful.

The contrast of black with natural wood gives this kitchen a lot of personalities. And on top of that, it looks practical, comfortable, and with a lot of space. In short, a kitchen dream.

The stone wall in the bedroom, the wooden stool at the foot of the bed, and the Moroccan Beni Ouarain rug are very pretty.

For its part, the bathroom is reminiscent of the rustic bathrooms of Mediterranean houses. Sober, but beautiful.

A House Of Wood And Stone In The Countryside

For some, paradise is frolicking like a lizard on a beach with palm trees and white sand, for others, the best place on Earth is a secluded and quiet place at the foot of the mountains, where they can recharge their batteries. The owners of this wonderful wood and stone house belong to the latter category: here they have found a true oasis of calm and tranquility.

In the wonderful living room with a fireplace and large windows, you can spend days doing nothing looking at the mountains in the distance. perfection!

A Dream House In Soller

On the island of Mallorca is the Casa Canoneta, a beautiful home where modern design is combined with the characteristic rural charm of the island.

A beautiful villa in Florence

Terracotta tiles, wooden beams, and plaster walls in Villa Bonazza, a beautiful and elegant villa in Florence. Warm and welcoming.

A Rustic House In Florida

Rustic wood, linen textiles, natural tones, and a mix of modern furnishings and sophisticated artwork, in an acute and elegant Florida home designed by Thomas Melhorn Architects.

A Wonderful Town House In Premià De Mar

The house in Premià de Mar by interior designer Montse Morales is an oasis of peace. The white color, wood, and natural fibers manage to create a very comfortable and serene environment. A very inspiring interior.

A Mountain House In The Pyrenees

Seeing the photos of this mountain house in the Pyrenees, you find yourself thinking. This is what an ideal mountain house should look like! Wood, warm colors, glass walls with a view of the mountains, a fireplace, and candles everywhere.

The house is perfect for a large family: a large common area, several rooms, and a children’s bedroom with bunk beds. Imagine how cool it would be to celebrate New Year’s Eve here!

An Old Barn Converted Into A Beautiful Wooden House

We love stories of large-scale reconstructions because a very special atmosphere usually reigns in these houses. This wonderful country house was once a barn; new windows were installed in the building, a terrace and a balcony were built, and most importantly, the interior space was completely transformed, wisely preserving the wooden ceilings and stone walls.

And what about the decoration of the bedroom? With its stone wall and the window in front of the bed… Who is the brave one who gets out of bed in the morning! I love the decorative wooden ladder.

A Stone House In The Empordà

In the wonderful town of Pals, in the Empordà, is this wonderful stone house. Rattan and wicker furniture, ethnic cushions, linen, wood, sculptures, and crafts, in a dream house.

The Beautiful House Of Interior Designer Sandra Tarruella

Whitewashed walls, cane ceilings, wooden furniture, jute, wicker, linen, and handmade ceramics, in the beautiful house of the interior designer Sandra Tarruella in Rupià, in the Ampurdán. And to think that this had once been stable!

A Farmhouse In Texas

Each of us has our own idea of ​​what the ideal country home should look like, but this Texas residence is sure to impress more than one. The interior design is very sophisticated, but at the same time sober and natural, with skillful and refined country-style accents.

The magnificent hall is full of natural light and a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere thanks to the glass walls, the high ceilings, and the light colors of the decoration.

A Beautiful Country House In Majorca

With white decor and a very clever combination of antique wooden furniture and rattan and wicker accessories, stylist Mari Strenghielm has created a dream home.

A Rustic House In Los Angeles

Located in Los Angeles, this fantastic country house has been designed by Atelier AM. Antique furniture, leather chairs, works of art, white plaster walls. And an aged and untreated wooden floor, for a house that invites you to spend a lot of time in it.

A Rustic Farmhouse In Texas

Inspired by her many travels around the world, photographer Kate Zimmerman built her dream home in Texas, USA.

Although the house was built from scratch, the architecture is inspired by the traditional houses that Kate saw in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, and Peru.

Thick white walls, wooden beams, and light-toned polished cement, for a house that could be located anywhere between Mexico and the Mediterranean.

Pieces found in flea markets, combined with furniture that came from her parents’ house in Houston, with natural materials and items collected through her many travels, complete the kitchen decoration.

A cute and beautiful wooden desk breaks with the white that floods everything in this rustic bedroom.

A Stone House In A Mountain Village

Marc and Lara are the owners of the Space Stage interior design studio. Well, this cozy wooden house is where they take refuge every weekend.

The nordic decoration is very present throughout the house in the form of warm textiles. Functional and sober Nordic-style furniture, and of course. The wood that dresses the floor, walls, and ceiling of the entire house. All very cozy vibes!

In the sink, a large window lets in a lot of natural light, making this rustic bathroom look even bigger and more inviting.

A Mountain House In The Middle Of The Forest

The owners of this house located an hour’s drive from Barcelona dreamed of a cabin of this type for a long time: wooden, cozy, with large windows and a small terrace, right in the middle of the forest. And a few years ago they managed to buy the perfect plot far from everyone and make their dream come true. Beautiful Kilim rugs!

A Nordic-Style Country House

Despite the stark white throughout, photographer and stylist Angie Hendricks ‘ cozy farmhouse doesn’t look cold, thanks to a clever mix of rustic, raw-wood furniture and soft, comfortable natural fabrics like linen. All very cozy vibes!

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