How To Know It’s Time for a Roof Replacement

People have an uncanny talent for letting things go until the last minute. With a roof, waiting too long can damage the underlying wood, as well as the inside of your home. If you’ve been putting off installing a new roof, here are the signs you need a replacement now.

Multiple Leaks

There are several reasons that roofs leak. Leaks are often caused by cracks or poorly installed shingles, but they can usually be repaired. With an aging roof, you’re likely to struggle with multiple leaks. This is the time to call roofing companies Somerset KY, and get an estimate for a replacement.

Curling or Missing Shingles

Another sign of a roof reaching the end of its life is curled or missing shingles. Your roof will show noticeable bare spots and you’ll find pieces of shingles or asphalt granules in your yard every time it rains. Replacing your roof will eliminate the mess and the wondering if your roof will hold.

Moss Growth or Mold

If your roof has developed moss or mold growth, that’s a sign that it already has moisture damage and needs to be replaced. While you can scrape the moss off your roof, the dampness remains and it will grow back. The only way to prevent more serious damage is to install a new roof.

Unknown Age of Roof

If it’s been over twenty years since you moved into your home and you’ve never replaced the roof, you’re probably due. Asphalt roofs generally last 25 years or more when you hire a reputable roofer. If you don’t know the age of your roof, keep an eye out for problems.

If you have a nagging feeling your roof should be replaced, don’t ignore the signs. Leaks, missing shingles and moss troubles will all vanish when you install a new roof.

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