The 10 best youth bedrooms: ideas to decorate them

Best youth bedrooms

Decorating the rooms of the youngest members of the house is a task that requires creativity to give it style and common sense when creating well-organized spaces. Review with us these 10 youth bedrooms where you will find a handful of good ideas to inspire you.

If you are looking for inspiration for your youth bedrooms. Here you will find our best decoration ideas to find a room full of charm that will please both adults and children. The key is to achieve a youthful space with personality. Practical and functional, but above all where the young people of the house feel happy and identified. In this report, we focus on the rooms of young people (not so young). With their own ideas and endless concerns (and expectations). So their bedroom, the corner where they rest, study, or relax with friends, will be key during its development.

There are many factors and elements that come into play when decorating a youth room. The first thing we must consider is the distribution, where three aspects always come into the study: study, rest, and play. Once we establish the order of these three environments, we would begin to evaluate the finishes and colors to choose, which have a definitive influence on people’s moods, but also on their studies and their personality. Then comes the process of choosing children’s furniture, of a purely functional nature or with a halo of enchantment, which is decisive when it comes to marking the style of the youth room.

Extra Long Headboards

Ideas for youth bedrooms

A natural wood slat, in full harmony with the floor, runs through the rest area in this bedroom belonging to a renovated townhouse in a modern key. The clip sconces and the composition of paintings on the wall come together to add modernity to the space. Dröm Living proposes it to us.

Fabrics And Papers That Matter

This children’s bedroom designed by Alejandra Martínez-Barona, creative director of Gastón y Daniela, features a striking design by Manuel Canovas, a version of toile de Jouy embodied in the wallpaper, the canopy, and the cushions. The quilt is from H&M and the bedspread is an old piece. The chair with a flower seat is the point of contrast and fun.

A Multifunctional Piece Of Furniture

In this bedroom designed for a 14-year-old girl, they opted to unify the furniture in a single piece that houses a clothes closet, a bookshelf, and a bed. A multifunctional box studied to the millimeter that matches the study area, decorated with works of art.

A Scandinavian-Style Youth Room

Yes, in this bedroom the Scandinavian and Japanese styles are mixed, with their clean designs and serene colors. The maroon carpet, as a point of contrast, and the blue furniture, which blends in with the walls, has been a success. It is a space that is part of a house in the forest designed by the Stewart-Schafer design studio.

A Stylish Wall

The modular furniture in this room makes it practical and functional. We love the bed with drawers underneath and the wall units as bookcases. But the icing on the cake of this room is undoubtedly the wallpaper with plant motifs that dresses the side and that matches all the furniture.

Towering Headboards

The Portuguese interior design studio SA&V designed this bedroom using the green and wood duo as the common thread. Everything to match: the cotton curtains, the great high-rise bespoke headboards, and the rug – everything comes from their showroom in Lisbon.

A-Pillar Turned Bookstore

This bedroom is a proposal by the interior designer Jean Porsche, who designed a vibrant room with a fun wall of blue lacquered slats, a painting that contrasts with the yellow details. The pillar that protects the bed and to which shelves for the books have been added is striking.

Youth Bedroom In The Country

A huge custom-made wooden bed is the center of attention in this bedroom. In white painted wood, it has a very fun design, with stairs on the sides. The rug is an Indian fabric and the ceiling lamp comes from La Recova. In the background, cabinets with recycled wood doors. It is signed by the photographer Clara Tassara.

The Important Thing Is The Study

Custom desk, next to the window and accompanied by a bookcase with a wonderful layout that fits into a recess in the wall. Light or bleached wood is a very common option in this type of composition where concentration and few distractions are required. It belongs to a flat with a Mid-Century air decorated by María Pia Pablos.

Wood And Blue, A Combination That Never Fails

The blue up to the middle of the wall is what personalizes this bedroom. In addition, the straight lines of the furniture make this space an elegant and stylish place. It is part of an elegant and cozy apartment for a family with children designed by the interior designer Shawn Henderson.

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