5 Most Common Garages in 2022

When it comes to garages for your vehicle there are plenty of options as we’ll talk about shortly. This doesn’t even talk about all the different garage door options. Then you have building materials, roof types and more. But for this post from https://www.bestusaonlinecasinos.com/, we’ll simply highlight the eight different types of garages available to most homes.

Detached Garage

From its name, an idea about the attached garage can be imagined. It is connected with the house, so the attached garages are convenient to enter and exit. This type of garage is quite popular because of its easy access and security. There can be stalls for up to two or more cars. As this type of garage is attached to the house, the wall might need the same siding and material. The wall between the house and the garage should come insulated to maintain the indoor temperature.

Attached Garage

These garages are very popular and are generally built at the same time as the home is, ensuring that there is a seamless transition between the home and the garage. Traditionally, they are used for storing a car and other household items, although some homeowners prefer to use this space for a workshop. While single- and double-car garages are common, many homeowners now increase the size of their garages to three- and even four-car garages so they can be sure that their cars are safe and protected from bad weather or vandals. One of the reasons that homeowners prefer attached garages is because it’s convenient to enter and exit the home without having to go outside in the dark or in bad weather. When they are fixed to the house, there is usually a door from the home into the garage so that the homeowner never has to step foot outside. These garages are usually insulated so that the house does not get cold in the winter due to the garage being chilly, courtesy of casino en ligne francais.

Breezeway/Portico Garage

This is the perfect option if you have a detached garage located near your home but want the perks that come with having an attached garage. You can easily build a breezeway to connect the two. This small addition to your home and your garage can come in a variety of different styles. You can opt for just a roof to keep you dry when you walk to the garage from your home or you can enclose the whole area. This creates a safe, climate-controlled space that you can use and is also a great place to stash your muddy boots, umbrella, or raincoat. Not having to go outside brings the convenience of a detached garage to this situation without having to build the garage directly onto the home.

Garage Workshop

This is the perfect option for a homeowner who loves to tinker on his or her car or for a mechanic who needs space to work. They generally have a number of bay doors that can be rolled up so that cars can be brought in and out easily and will also have regular access doors. If there is extra space in this workshop, then people will generally store other outdoor equipment or repair tools so that they are handy when working on a vehicle.

Garage with Upstairs Home

Perfect for the landowner who wants a home but is tied by constraints from local ordinances, a double garage on the main floor with living quarters above is a great way to utilize vertical space and still have a safe place to store your vehicle. These are incredibly efficient and cost-effective, making them a great choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable home. Unless you have this garage built by a professional builder, it will come as a kit that you will be able to put together yourself or hire a local builder to help you.

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