How to Add a Bathtub to Your Existing Bathroom

How to Add a Bathtub to Your Existing Bathroom

Bath time is a luxury that many individuals don’t have access to. Whether it’s due to lack of space or financial limitations, not everyone has access to a bathtub in their house. This article will show you how to install one in your bathroom without breaking the bank or taking up too much room. Continue reading for additional details!

Advantages of Having a Bathtub

Adding a bathtub to your bathroom opens up a world of relaxation and comfort. You may now take a bath instead of a shower, leading to more leisure time. One of the finest advantages of having a bathtub in your house is you can turn it on when you’re stressed or just before bedtime. A hot bath provides for serenity and ultimate comfort.

Bathtubs offer more than simply luxury. Bathtubs can also assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s widely accepted that long baths in hot water are harmful to your skin, but this is not the case! Long soaks in hot water have been scientifically proved to improve blood flow and enhance skin health and pores.

A bathtub is perfect for kids as well as elders. Young ones are not too keen on showers. Likewise, older people might have trouble with mobility or balance in the shower. A bathtub is ideal for both age groups since they can rest and enjoy their soak without having to worry about anything else!

A tub is also useful for washing dogs and other large, bulky non-clothing items that don’t fit in a washer.

Costs of Installing a Bathtub

How much does it cost to add a bathtub to an existing bathroom? The cost of adding a bathtub to an existing bathroom is determined by the size and sort of tub you’re interested in. Prices range from $500-$2,000 or more depending on features, design, and size. Look into buying a jetted bathtub if you want a big soaking tub with extra spa features. If you want something cheap and simple to install, go for standard types.

The cost of putting in a bathtub is largely determined by the placement, current design, type of tub, plumbing specifications, etc. If you’re a novice, it’s preferable to seek professional assistance from a company like RUPP Family Builders rather than attempting DIY!

Steps to Install a Bathtub

Now that you’re convinced of the value of adding a tub to your current bathroom, it’s time to get down to specifics and learn more about the process of this sort of renovation and how it will affect your home. Adding a bathtub to an existing bathroom normally entails the following steps:

  1. Plan – Everything from location to access and plumbing should be considered in this stage.
  2. Demo – If you need to remove any walls or flooring as part of the remodeling, now is the time to do so!
  3. Frame – To ensure that it is adequately supported, add a header and footer around the location of your bathtub.
  4. Plumbing – This step has you cutting into the walls to insert the new pipes.
  5. Tiling & Flooring – Finish the space with your choice of flooring or tile.
  6. Fixtures – Add faucets, handles, and other fixtures to complete the look.
  7. Details & Cleaning – The final stage is to paint, touch up, seal, and clean surfaces that were affected as part of your remodeling process. This step will ensure that there are no water leaks from the tub that could cause mold or damage.

Go for It!

Adding a bathtub may require a significant amount of additional time and work, but it will be well worth it in the end. Consider adding a bathtub to your home if you want to take it to the next level this year! You will not be sorry.

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