Bedroom to inspire you: look, fall in love and… Ask for it!

Bedroom decoration

Whatever your tastes, you will surely find endless good ideas to decorate yours in this complete selection of bedroom. Come in, see… and let the show begin!

Windows To The Sea

Luxury bedroom

With the sea at the foot of the bed, who dares to compete with it? This bedroom breathes an atmosphere of eternal summer, with the white of the walls and the blue of the textiles, and the wall of the headboard, covered with painted wooden strips.

A Diy Headboard

Two recovered old doors serve as an original headboard in this bedroom.

Stone, Wood, And Nature

Sleeping in this bedroom is the closest thing to doing it in the middle of nature, and the landscape slips through the huge window. Wood covers and gives warmth to a room with very high ceilings.

With Chimney

Who has not dreamed of curling up in bed in the middle of winter and watching the crackle of the fire? In this bedroom, it is possible. And in summer, open the windows and breathe in the aromas of the garden!


A collection of four paintings decorates this bedroom with personality in soft tones where everything invites you to rest.

From The Bed To The Bathtub

So easy and fast. And it is that this bedroom integrates the dressing table and the bathtub, to treat yourself to a relaxing bath with the best views.

Power Fabrics

Fabrics are great transformers of space. To test this bedroom, in which they are protagonists. From the curtains and the carpet at the foot of the bed to the soft and cozy bed.

With Traditional Flavor

The stone walls have become the most prominent element of this bedroom. So that nothing competes with them, a few pieces of furniture and a very sober decoration have been chosen.

This Is My Corner!

Do you love to do crafts or read before bed? Reserve a space for it, as has been done here. A comfortable chair by the window is ideal for this purpose.

With Seating Area

This bedroom in white is a luxury. With direct access to the garden, a small wall serves as a separation between the rest area, with a large four-poster bed, and the living room.

With Selected Pieces

A closet with shutter doors and an antique chest of drawers and mannequins personalize this bedroom planned in white.

A View Of The Landscape

The bench that runs along the large window in this bedroom is a three-in-one: a seat, extra storage space, and a reading corner with views.

A Dressing Room For Two

In this bedroom, access to the bedroom has been used to enable a dressing room with two parallel wardrobe fronts.

I Ask For It!

A canopy bed alone decorates the bedroom. This, in addition, is very light, since it lacks structure. Dress her in soft, airy fabrics for a more ethereal effect. Gancedo curtains.

A Dual-Use Headboard

The low wall, with a niche as a shelf, serves as a headboard and a separation from the dressing room. In addition, since it does not reach the ceiling, it allows the light to flow freely.

To The Last

Just by painting the headboard wall, your bedroom will look like another. Here green has been chosen, but not just any green, but the Pantone color of 2017: greenery.

Decorate With Architecture

The coffered ceilings and the large window as a gallery decorate this bedroom by themselves, which has been dressed with minimal but chosen pieces, such as the blue upholstered sofa.

The Landscape At The Foot Of The Bed

Nothing hinders the views in this bedroom, which has been decorated in the colors of the landscape.

The Best Of Yesterday And Today

This is how this bedroom is, which combines regal architecture with contemporary decoration, creating an attractive mix & match contrast. Behind the wood-clad wall that acts as an original headboard, the bathroom is hidden.

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