How To Add Pizazz to Your Kitchen

When you get tired of your kitchen but don’t need to do a total makeover, add some interest with tiles. Changing up your backsplash could be all you need to reinvent your entire design.

Pick Your Style

If you are ready to add a unique flair to the room, step out of your subway tile box and get splashy. Unique designs can stand the test of time and come in various colors and patterns that will blend in with your existing cabinets.

A kitchen remodel pine knoll shores should be fun and adventurous. As long as the tiles are easy to keep clean, you can do just about anything with color and design. But if neutral is more your style, consider installing tiles in a herringbone or staggered pattern with contrasting grout to add more interest.

Pick Your Color

The color of your backsplash will set the tone for the kitchen and any other spaces visible from that room. Go bold with a color that can be added to other rooms’ decor. With throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and wall hangings in the same color as your backsplash, you pull the rooms together for a cohesive design.

Choosing a neutral backsplash will show off your kitchen’s finishes. If your cabinets do not need to be updated, consider replacing the hardware to add bling and make the cabinets stand out more.

Pick Your Decor

With the kitchen’s new look comes new decor. Select kitchen towels, dry food canisters, tableware, and anything that sits out to complement your new look. Your finishing touches will add warmth, texture, and personal character to the end product.

Adding or updating a backsplash can be a simple and rewarding way to change up your kitchen and give it new life. It isn’t an extensive renovation but can add value and design without having to do a total makeover.

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