Tips to Improve Safety at Home

Safety at Home tips

With the arrival of spring, the temperature is ideal for making panoramas outside the home. And if you want to enjoy it without worries. Check these tips to prevent theft and improve safety at home.

Close Doors and Windows

When leaving home we must make sure that all windows and access doors to the home are closed. We recommend that the main door have at least two closing points.

Mislead Thieves

The best way to fool thieves is to make the home appear to be inhabited. For this, it is recommended to leave some clothes hanging, not to lower the blinds completely, etc. In any case, having an automatic blind and light system is a good option to confuse them.

Store Valuables

Do not leave keys, jewelry, credit cards, or anything of value within the reach of thieves. It is best to keep them in a safe or in a place in a house that is safe and impossible to find. Even so, it is always recommended to take an inventory of electronic devices in case of theft.

Ground Floor Homes

Illuminate the entrance and patios, both rear and front. It is also recommended to have a dog, as it will warn us of any strange noise.

Social Media

Many people tend to post on social media when they go on vacation and for how long. However, this is one of the biggest dangers to home security, so think about the safety at home. Since you never know who can read your comment. If you have children, educate them in this regard.

Alarm Systems

alarm for safety at Home

Alarm or video surveillance systems are one of the most common measures to prevent theft.

Do Not Open the Door to Strangers

One of most important tips to improve safety at home, ask who it is before opening it. If you have children at home, teach them not to open the door to strangers when they are home alone.

Burglary Warning

Call the police in case you see a robbery in your neighborhood.


Alert and take note of suspicious people and vehicles.

Avoid Risks

Never face the thief. In case you are the victim of an assault, try to run away and call the police.

Fire Prevention

To improve safety at home this is important, theft security measures should not prevent exit or escape routes in the event of a fire. The whole family should know them.

Accidents at Home

Domestic accidents are the third leading cause of death on the continent and Paraguay is no stranger to this reality. In fact, in 2017 the“Fix it well” campaign was launched to prevent accidents due to falling furniture or structures in the home that was fixed in an insecure way. Remember to keep medicines, toxic products, and any dangerous object out of the reach of children.

Domestic Appliances

Prevent accidents or fires caused by electrical problems by keeping the facilities in perfect condition. Install an electricity cut-off system throughout the house in the event of damage or short circuits. Don’t forget the ground discharge (spear or javelin). Gas leaks must also be prevented and appropriate vents provided.

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