6 small bathroom design ideas

6 small bathroom design ideas

Currently, the spaces we inhabit are increasingly reduced, the small bathroom being one of the scarcest spaces in today’s homes. Spaces of two or three square meters should be used to bathe, store towels, personal cleaning items, and be harmonious places for us and our visitors, which is why small bathroom design ideas are so important.

It seems impossible, but there are ways to make everything fit in your bathroom. The secret is to know how to accommodate it.

The first secret orders because without order, there is no progress, period. Then come certain secrets to make the space harmonious and give the impression of being more spacious, the result, a beautiful and functional small bathroom, and the dream of all of us who live the reality of the small bathroom. Visit replacement windows in Kansas City – Kansas City’s best roofing company.

Small bathroom design ideas

Here are some secrets to making your small bathroom a beautiful and practical space.

Distribution and more distribution

Just as in real estate, the secret of everything is the location. In a small bathroom, the distribution is also everything. See that things are in order now. Having furniture built into the walls or hidden doors makes the difference because they give you more space to decorate small bathrooms.

Using shelves on the walls inside the shower is very useful. The great idea is to place a ladder and use it as a towel rack. You will give a vintage touch to your bathroom and make other spaces for yourself.

Light and more light

Light colors, white-blue palettes, and a touch of wood will make your small bathroom look much more spacious. Wearing warm colors like orange and deep red is ideal too.

If you are a fan of dark colors, we recommend you use only a pinch of them. Perhaps, it is a good idea to paint a wall and fill the rest with white.

Small bathroom = custom minimalism

Indeed, the minimalist current will make your bathroom look much more spacious. Place small mirrors on the walls that your furniture is sober, with angles and metal will help everything look sober.

Minimalism will give seriousness. Placing gray colors with cobalt blue is a great option for a small bathroom decorated in this way. Cubic-shaped accessories made of metal are what should be in this bathroom.

Bath with living nature

Having small plants in the bathroom is ideal if it is small. We recommend a few succulents here and there, little ones, like your bathroom. If you are a nature lover, you could also place the occasional sea shell and maybe a few river stones.

Remember that less is more in a small bathroom, do not saturate anything. Just give it small touches of color. In case you are going to go for this type of decoration, painting it white with some shades of light green is perfect, do not forget to place bamboo accessories, essential for this type of decoration.

Mirror, mirror tell me that my bathroom is beautiful.

To give a sense of depth to your small bathroom, place mirrors on the walls. It can be a large one and some small ones on other walls. In this way, the reflections will make your bathroom grow and look endless.

Another great option to give a sense of depth or space in a small bathroom is to place a screen or screen that deceives the visitor and gives you a greater sense of privacy.

More space?

Nothing that hangers on the wall and the door cannot solve. Dual-use furniture, a sink with open storage space and always a shower instead of a tub are ideal elements to make small bathrooms bigger and more useful on a day-to-day basis.

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