Best balcony ideas on a budget

Do you want to renew the decoration of your balcony and give it a unique touch? So we encourage you to try a new decoration that manages to improve its appearance by giving it a more current and, above all, more welcoming air. Depending on the size of your balcony, you can incorporate some improvements or others, but, above all, what we will seek is to create a relaxing and perfect place to disconnect from day to day. In this article, we will discover the balcony ideas on a budget so that you can fix your home without having to invest just a budget. We started!

How to decorate a balcony without spending money?

If you want ideas to decorate a balcony with little money, you have to consider that the best option to not spend anything at all is to bet on recycled decoration. In other words, it takes advantage of materials and objects whose useful life has ended to give them a new use and to create more welcoming and innovative spaces.

Next, we will give you some ideas so that you can decorate a balcony without spending money thanks to recycling. Simple and inexpensive tricks that will help you create a much more aesthetic and welcoming space.

Outdoor furniture with pallets

Give your balcony a chill-out touch by creating original furniture with pallets that will help you create an intimate and cozy space. To do this, you can take advantage of pallets and create a sofa with cushions and that the pallet is the lower part. You can also choose to use the pallets as tables or coffee tables, etc.

Tree trunks

If you go on a mountain excursion one day, the good idea is to collect all those logs that you find on the way and that can help you create original furniture. For example, if the trunk is wide enough, you can create a small table to leave coffee or put a plant. You can also put a cushion on top and build a comfortable and original chair.

Wooden boxes

Another perfect way to decorate a balcony with little money is that you take advantage of the wooden boxes of fruits and vegetables and, with them, create auxiliary tables or perfect shelves to place your plants and flowers.

Painting your balcony to decorate low cost

Another of the best ideas to decorate a balcony with little money is to give a new air to this space thanks to paint. With this simple trick, you can give more color and joy to this area of ​​your house and, in addition, you should not invest a lot of money because painting is usually quite cheap.

Some of the ideas so that you can decorate your balcony with paint are the following:

Paint the furniture: if you are tired of your balcony but do not want to invest too much money, it is best to give your furniture a new color and paint it to make it look new.

Paint a wall: if you want a colorful and more cheerful touch for your balcony, nothing better than painting a piece of wall or the lower part of it to renew its appearance. It is something simple and very effective to do.

Paint the pots: you can also choose to add more color to the balcony by painting the pots or making fun and different designs. You can paint them with polka dots, drawings or putting phrases. Super original!

Fabrics and curtains to decorate the balcony with little money

We continue with this list of good ideas to decorate a low-cost balcony offering you a trick to create a more intimate and relaxing environment. It is about putting curtains on the balcony and, thus, creating a more welcoming room without investing hardly any money.

This curtain can be used in many ways. For example, you can place it on a wall to give a more original and colorful touch to the balcony. Also, you can place it on the railing or in an area that you want to emphasize, creating as a window to the world.

Another idea is that you put colored fabrics on the furniture or on the walls to give a different touch to the balcony without having to paint or pay too much money. You can place this fabric on the table, on one of the walls or as an awning to cover yourself from the summer sun.

The lighting to decorate a balcony well

While during the morning, the balcony will be illuminated by the sun. At night it will become a space that you can recreate as intimate and romantic. But, for this, it will be essential that you have soft and cozy lighting that invites you to rest and disconnect.

The best of all is that you choose to install candles in different areas of the balcony so that you can create an incredible space but, you can also opt for other ideas such as, for example, outdoor lanterns, LED light flags, outdoor floor lamps, etc.

More ideas to decorate a low-cost balcony

And we finish this article by giving you more ideas to decorate a balcony with little money that will help you inspire and find yours.

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