Where to put tv in small bedroom?

The TV in the room is a convenience that we hardly want to give up. Once, we were forced to have uncomfortable trolleys and settle for a small screen to keep in the bedroom, both because of the cost of the devices and because they were bulky and heavy. Nowadays televisions are thin as sheets of cardboard and all in all inexpensive, and therefore we can indulge ourselves in installing them. Let’s see where to put tv in small bedroom.

Where to put tv in a small bedroom?

Let’s start with some examples of “camouflage”: the idea of ​​hanging the TV on the wall as if it were a painting is very effective.

Below, the TV rests on a classic low cabinet but is flanked by prints framed in black and placed on the cabinet, with some decorative objects to lighten the whole.

Here the wall has even been painted black with blackboard paint: the writing with white chalk gives it a less “dramatic” look. A very effective solution.

If, on the other hand, you want to hide the TV, there are many creative solutions: you can use furniture with sliding doors, or you can do it yourself, building folding or swivel panels.

Finally, for those who have no problem leaving the TV in plain sight, it is important to choose the right support, whether it is a low cabinet, shelves or creative solutions.

In this bookcase, the TV, despite being quite large, seems less impressive thanks to the lightness of the structure and the offset shelves.

The idea of ​​placing the TV on a painter’s easel is original and functional, as it is easy to move and the cables can be hidden behind the central pillar. Even using an old travel trunk can be an unusual solution and suitable for retro or ethnic style environments.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a classic solution, you are spoiled for choice, between vintage pieces and new proposals. Choose the furniture that best suits the style of your living room, with drawers and compartments to contain all the other elements that make up your “home” station. Entertainment” (decoder, DVD players, Hi-Fi system) to make the most of space and keep order.

For lovers of vintage and DIY, I recommend looking for used furniture and decorating them as you wish to avoid the homologation effect. However, using creativity, we can create a chic and personalized corner even using industrial production furniture.

In this regard, I suggest you search on the internet to have the widest possible choice: today, numerous portals offer furnishings at affordable prices. On his page dedicated to TV cabinets, I found these interesting cabinets suitable for different furniture styles: retro, vintage or modern. I appreciate this type of furniture for its lightness, which helps to make the TV corner discreet with style.

The easiest way is to use a fixed wall mount, put the screen right in front of your feet, and enjoy the movie from the comfort of your bed. As a solution, it is well suited to small rooms or large screens. The television remains a fixed piece of furniture and becomes part of the geometry of the room.

Retractable TV

Solution suitable for elegant rooms, with the TV fixed on the wall, but covered, when not needed, by a curtain or a movable panel mounted on guides. There are commercially available uprights and rails suitable for sliding the screen over the TV or lowering the screen into a hidden compartment. An experienced craftsman may be needed for assembly.

TV in the closet

If we have a wardrobe with a central coat hanger, we can sacrifice this position to make room for the TV by ensuring that it is not visible when we do not need it but that it can be ready for use simply by opening the doors. Many modern wardrobes even have a coat hanger with a mirror. Just change the glass with the screen and that’s it. You can also add curtains to keep it hidden when not in use.

Mobile arm

A TV screen that is not very large can be mounted on a movable arm, fixed on the wall at the side of the bed, especially in the children’s room. If necessary, it will be sufficient to move the screen with the help of the mechanism to have it in front of the eyes and to be able to place it just as quickly in the rest position at the end of the vision. Also ideal for those who often play video games in the bedroom.

On the ceiling

It is possible for a fairly large screen to fix it to the ceiling, especially if the room is in an attic and the bed has a drop in the roof. In this case, the screen can be fixed directly in front of the eyes and can be viewed lying down without taking up any usable space. The fixing can be improved with a hydraulic arm that allows you to adjust the screen’s position.

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