How to Clean a Shark Vacuum Quick Process

Clean a Shark Vacuum

Welcome to our troubleshooting guideline on how to clean a shark vacuum. Today I’m going to give you a demonstration of how to clean a shark vacuum properly. So, let’s start and see what’s going on.

Take a Part

At first, take the shark apart and then release the wand from the base. They spit all that out. Now we don’t need this anymore.

So, we’re just gonna pop that to the side there’s a button here that needs a really big push down to release. Then it comes out because we will give this pin screw holes at each end which is amazing.

The next bit is to take off the lift way, which is this bit here, and then we’ve got the foot there for a cleaning, later on, lift away here.

By using the two silver buttons, this is a bit, a lot of you asked me about to literally going to press those together, to release the dirt capture for the pop on the floor.

Empty the Bin

So, you have to need to empty the dust cup, use a bin to clean all dust and debris.

It’s like coming to be pressing the gray button here at the bottom, and it’s really quick to empty into the bone so that it’s all gone.

Sometimes people suffered from so much pet hair debris so it’s important to take good and best shark vacuum for pet hair.

This is still some fluffy fits in here, which I will literally just pop my hands in to get those bits out.

Then there’s another box in here. So, I opened the top part of the capsule, open that part. You can get to the DHA, which is around the top here and again, very simple, and lean into the baby.

Clean up all the dust that is picked up from your car picks and this is now going to need really good rents or some nice warm, soapy water.

So, starting with the wall and I’ve got nice warm water here, just literally old cloth, giving it a nice plain sticking your finger in to get as much as she can.

So, the site to drive your main unit here. So, I’m forgetting to clean the outside of it too and that’s really important and just literally leave it in there for a bit then we’ll do it sort of.

Then with this part here, because you’d have been using this part here and then make sure you give that a really good wipe.

Remove Blockage

Get your cloth literally put that in with your finger. Just make sure you get as much as you can. If you have got a blockage, the best thing you can do in this section here is to get a wire coat hanger, make it fine and long, and then just put it down.

Now I haven’t got any blockages, so I can’t show you that, but that’s quite a simple bit to do going back now to the shark.

This section in here, you have this little bit that just literally, it just pops out quite simply and underneath there, you have this little filter bit as well.

So, if you want to give both of these a really good claim. So, as you can see, look there’s dirt on it from where it’s been years and the color of this is not fantastic.

Looks even got hair on it. So that shows you how often you should be cleaning these sorts of things. So really simply just pop and take out all dirt and debris.

You can take this bit out now and just let that drain on the sides quite naturally.

Then just give these bets and if you look at the color of the winter and if you don’t clean your vacuum, that is what it’s just going to be going around your house, which really isn’t very pleasant.

So, with this one here, after I’ve got as much as possible that you can see the ham and stuff on it, rinse it under the tap.

It’s not always about hot and it’s coming back to the color and it should be Ringler out the whole pit back.

Give that a shake on the base unit and just let that just dry on the unit. Very naturally. Leave those vents here that are clean again. Now just leave those to dry naturally.

So, this year’s part here, all the bits of obviously being clean. So, people still want to fluff, just give this a really good claim going in the holes like this.

You’re just getting all that dust and all that grime out around. You could use a small toothbrush if it’s quite bad just to get in those cracks and this part here.

So that’s quite a simple part to clean. Remember it is attached to electricity. So, you wouldn’t be putting that in the bowl.

Think it is just a very simple wipe. So, we have the foot off your shark and give it a nice wipe and paying attention to the wills and again getting in here the best it can.

I did let the dirt build up on this back here before I actually had done this article, there was no point in me showing you an article of a clean shark.

Clean Brushroll

A lot of you asked me all the time, how to get the roller brush out of the case on the side here. Look, inject roller, and it’s so simple, you have to need to press it and it pops out so easy.

Then this piece here you take to the sink, washing up liquid with warm water, and just give it a really good claim whilst that’s drying.

You now need to tackle this part of the unit. If you come in here, you can say how all the dirt is built up underneath the bowl which is disgusted based really simply if you just go with your finger and you get all that a towel quite easily.

So, it’s not a difficult job to do, but it is a job that you do all need to make sure you do it Just cleaning the roller top and washing up with liquid.

Then getting all the dirt out giving it a good read sign in the tap route and leave that to draw when it comes to the brush roll and It’s very simple.

The unit back over and you’ll see the button then just press the buttons and misfit releases.

This then allows you to take this section out and get that clean again and warm. So, people will stop and then you can come in this bit here with a wet cloth and gave all that really good clean as well.

There’s also in that section there where it says hair remover, a little brush, you can sweep away. All these little bits if you choose to.


So that’s just showing you a simple way to clean your shark duo clean. I hope you found that article useful and I did it just because so many people asking all the time how to clean the shark.

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