How to replace a toilet seal ring?

replace a toilet seal ring

Sooner or later, it may happen to find a pool of water near the toilet. This is a symptom of a leak in the pipes. The problem generally arises from the connection between the cistern and the toilet. In particular, from the gasket that comes out of the wall and enters the cup. To check the situation, just pass your hand under the cuff. If the seal has broken, you can hear the water droplets. Since you can’t fix the problem with a repair, it means it’s time to replace it. If you decide to call a technician, the cost is certainly far from low. But you can opt for a replacement gasket with the DIY method. The work is quite simple and doesn’t take too long either. All it takes is a little goodwill and a few precautions. By reading this short tutorial, you can have some useful tips and correct information on how to replace a toilet seal ring. Here then are all the information necessary to be able to perform the job correctly.

How to replace a toilet seal ring?

You will need:

  • New gasket
  • Cutter
  • Wrench
  • Piece of wood


The first thing to do is to check how the job can be done. In fact, in modern systems, the replacement of the gasket can also be done without disassembling the bowl. However, this system is only possible if the connection pipe between the basin and the toilet has good tolerance. In this way, it can be pushed into the hole of the cup and then extracted from the other end.

Otherwise, the cup must be removed to carry out the work. Then you have to break any silicone band that fixes the toilet to the floor. Then you have to unscrew the two side bolts that keep it fixed to the floor. Then, you have to move the cup until it moves from its seat. When the toilet is sealed with mortar, to remove the bowl, you need to have a hammer and chisel. After removing the connection pipe to the water drain, the condition of the gasket must be checked. Even small cracks can be the cause of water loss.


After removing the damaged seal, it must be taken to the hardware store. By doing this, there is no risk of purchasing a gasket of the wrong size. At this point, the gasket must be reassembled inside the connection pipe. Before reassembly, it is advisable to clean the seat thoroughly using toilet paper. In this way, it is possible to absorb water and grains of any sand coming from the net.

In fact, they could hinder the perfect adhesion of the gasket. Later it is preferable to use talc to make the rubber of the gasket more elastic and soft and at the same time more durable. It is preferable to avoid the use of oil as it makes the surface too slippery and the tube goes back.


Now it’s time to insert the new gasket. You have to fold it and push it back to the drain. Then you have to pull it with your finger to place it in the appropriate recess. A small click is heard when the gasket reaches its seat. You should then check that it is in the right position. If necessary, a piece of wood can be used to push the pipe into the seal. During this operation, you have to act with caution otherwise you can make marks on the palms of your hands. Furthermore, do not move the connecting pipe several times to the side as cutting the circle could damage the rubber gasket.

Now it’s time to put the toilet back in its seat and then screw in the bolts. At this point, you have to pull the drain to verify that everything is working properly. If you follow all the steps in this guide carefully, you can easily replace the gasket yourself, saving you a lot of money.

We work with gloves to avoid getting hurt. We do not expect the leak to be large but replace the gasket as soon as possible.

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