Tips removing an external load-bearing wall

Renovating a house is an action that always requires a lot of attention. Especially if you are forced to demolish a load-bearing wall to make the apartment of your dreams come true. As you can already guess from its name, it is a wall that helps keep the house firm’s entire structure. If it were demolished incorrectly, the stability of the entire building would be lost.

However, this is not an impossible operation to carry out. Just follow the bureaucratic and practical procedures carefully. Turning to qualified people who know how to operate safely is the first rule to follow to not make mistakes that could be fatal. This recommendation is very important and we ask you to respect it scrupulously. In this guide, we want to show you the tips for removing an external load-bearing wall. Let’s see how to proceed.

Tips for removing an external load-bearing wall

The first thing that needs to be done is to ask an engineer to draw up a project that must be delivered to the Civil Engineers once completed. This body checks the structural project. If this is by the law and ensures the proper performance of the work, it issues the authorization to proceed at the end of 45 days from the presentation of the project. In this regard, never forget to make sure that pipes do not cross the wall in question to avoid involving the systems and, therefore, jeopardize the entire structure’s safety and stability. In this case,

Carry out the shoring operation

Once the bureaucratic process just described has been completed. After making sure that you have acted in full compliance with the law and safety regulations for this type of intervention, you can proceed with the start of the work.

The first phase is the most important and must be carried out very carefully, under the watchful control of a specialist. This is the shoring with crosses and carpenter’s boards, necessary to maintain the structure’s stability and guarantee the safety of the workers and inhabitants of the house during the carrying out of the demolition operations.

Demolish the bearing wall

When you have finished the shoring, you can continue the work and move on to the demolition of the bearing wall. This is certainly the most delicate phase. It is very important to start demolishing from above, gradually shoring up the parts that adhere to the removal wall.

At this stage, do not forget to apply all the safety rules necessary for the correct performance of the work. Place a plastic sheet along the floor to prevent residuals from the load-bearing wall and debris from deteriorating. Operate with protective gloves and special work goggles to protect your eyes. If necessary, also use a mask to protect the airways.

Make the circle

Now you can move on to what is technically referred to as a “circle.” The hooping must be done with a steel frame that frames the adjacent walls and is strong enough to withstand the weight of the surrounding walls and floor. Secure the frame to the walls and fill in the gaps with an anti-shrinkage mortar. Be careful because the choice of an unsuitable mortar could compromise the success of the hoop. Wait 72 hours and re-remove the shoring.

Now you can finish the job by covering the steel hoop. The elimination of a bearing wall can thus be considered completed. Do not forget to eliminate the residual parts of the wall in compliance with the legal regulations regarding construction waste disposal.

In the demolition of a load-bearing wall, let yourself be guided by expert personnel and carefully comply with all the legal and safety provisions on the subject.

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