These are ten decoration trends for 2022

Decoration trends

Sustainability, the Pantone 2022 color or walls with a lot of personalities, either with wallpaper or with daring colors. We discover everything you need to know about decoration for 2022.

New Year, new trends. We review the trends that will continue with us one more year and the new proposals that arrive ready to make us fall in love with styles and designs that we would never have imagined before. Furniture, colors, materials… We bring you up to date with the 10 decoration trends for 2022!

Very Peri, The Color Of The Year 2022

Decoration ideas

Pantone revealed to us a few days ago the color for this year 2022: a purple that combines the fidelity and constancy of blue with the energy and emotion of red. A mix that aims to encourage courageous creativity and imaginative expression. Do you dare with a Very Peri decoration?

Vintage Design Furniture

In the past, we found many clues that help us redirect the path we were taking. And the design was not going to be less, so remembering the designs of past times and giving them a modern twist seems the perfect solution.

Sustainability Above All

Sustainability has become a key ingredient for any new proposal. Whether through the materials, the way they are manufactured, their durability, or even their timeless style. Sustainability is here to stay.

Kitchens And Bathrooms Dyed Black

In 2022 it’s time to take risks. But risk and win. That’s what dark colors are for, to get the personality you were looking for in your home, and that white walls weren’t getting.

The Wallpaper Will Be The Protagonist

The end of the soft walls has come from the hand of wallpaper. There are more and more proposals with original designs, incredible effects, or colors full of harmony that will give that special touch without investing too much. Accompany it with adhesive moldings and you will see what a change!

Hold On, Curves Are Coming

Straight spaces were crying out to be combined with curved designs, whether in architecture with rounded corners or arches that divide spaces, or with furniture with increasingly organic shapes.

The New Stone Age

If above we talked about looking to the past… Here we have traveled to the first chapters to reconnect with nature with cave-effect architectural designs or stone or wood designs with a raw and natural style.

Ceramics And Handmade Tableware

Little by little, we return to irregular designs, where the human footprint is evident. Something that makes each piece more special, and if on top of that the designs are made by local artists such as Tierra ceramics, the pieces take on a new meaning. This is what brands like Hannun achieve by working with artisans under the made-in-Spain seal and, on top of that, together with sustainability! Do you need anything else to fall in love with a firm?

The Return Of Rattan In Furniture

If last year we remembered the amber crockery that little by little reappeared as inspiration on social networks, now it is the turn of the rattan. Combine some chairs for the dining room with completely different designs in terms of colors, materials, and periods.

Decoration In Pastel Tones

In contrast to strong, risky, and dark colors, we also find the pastel color trend that is making a comeback after so many inspiring spaces that show us the renderings of graphic designers such as the artist Charlotte Taylor that are sweeping social networks.

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