How to decorate tv area?

It’s curious. The adornment and design around the television, which is an important focal point of the living room or parlor, is a basic teaching in interior decoration courses. Decoratively speaking, television is a device with little aesthetic content, so leaving it alone on a wall would result in a poorly decorated room. We can get much more out of this wall.

How to decorate tv area?

For this purpose, we have at our disposal hundreds of ways to decorate the furniture or the wall that our television will occupy. One of the tricks would be camouflage, which decorators sometimes insist on. That is, try not to make the screen a point of attraction visually too strong in the living room, but it seems to be part of the decoration, blending in naturally. This is achieved, for example, by painting the wall behind this appliance a dark color.

It will stand out much less than if the walls are painted white. Likewise, dark grays or even lighter shades of gray will provide us with a visual advantage since the black-white contrast. It may not match the decorative style of our living room. This is much less discreet than the gradual combination of grays and the black of the television.

Decorate the television area as an art area

Instead of keeping the TV insulated – sometimes just because we don’t know how to decorate it – we can play with rectangular and square shapes to decorate the TV wall. We will achieve this through certain pictures or sheets that will frame our television in different positions and different colors. New technologies have made it increasingly common to have flat-screen devices that are fixed to the walls. Choose very simple frames (a very ornate frame may not look good) in colors that combine and opt for simple and discreet sheets but to your liking. You can sketch before starting to work to imagine what the final result would be like.

The television cabinet: fundamental

The most common is that the television is held in a living room furniture or, if it is fixed to the wall, a shelf or table accompanies it in its decoration. It is vitally important to choose one that will meet our expectations, which matches the living room’s decorative style and that does the same with the television.

Take a look at the latest in furniture of this type. The current market provides us with interesting alternatives. For example, floating furniture, shelves on both sides of the TV, simple top shelves or an elongated drawer unit. When making this decision, we will consider style, shape and color, and functionality. For example, if we have many books or records, we can take advantage of this furniture to store them and keep our living room much more organized and tidy.

Framing the TV: a transgressive idea

It may not be an option that everyone can love, but it is certainly a fashionable alternative to consider. It involves placing a large frame of interesting color and a simple shape around the TV. If this option, which is used for televisions fixed to the wall, appeals to you, you can complement the decoration using other frames and sheets of a similar style.

Vinyl to bring glamor and personality

One of the cheapest options is given us by the useful vinyl. It is an idea that we can apply in the most modern spaces and in those where vivid colors take a back seat. With the designs that you like the most, the vinyl can be pasted around the television or born from a corner to reach the device. Without a doubt, we will be gaining a lot decoratively in this important wall of the living room.

Accessories with taste

Whether in the furniture that accompanies the television or in the shelves fixed around it, accessories are essential to achieve aesthetics and taste around this particular area. The options are numerous and will depend on the style you are looking for. Some of the elements that you can use are:

  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Bowls with branches
  • Marbles
  • Figures
  • Bronze balls
  • Zen gardens

The spectrum is so wide that the options are endless. Other gadgets, such as the DVD, can complete the set and additional frames, a telephone, decorative boxes, wooden letters or beautiful vases. Let your imagination fly and make this place a place that invites you to relax, comfort and be a call to good taste.

The wires, out of sight

One of the ugliest elements and other spaces in the home are the necessary cables present in the area. For example, the one that connects to the DVD, the stereo, the HDMI cable of the television, and so on. Find a way that they are not in sight so that their effect does not destroy your work of art. You can fix them to the wall with some sconces and hide them behind an ornament, put them behind the furniture or place a nice box where they can be stored and kept in order.

The most modern: televisions that hide

If you do not use this device daily and prefer that it is not visible in your day to day, there are alternatives and furniture responsible for making them disappear.

For example behind a painting or a specific shelf. Undoubtedly, a most modern option that will give a different touch to the living room without giving up the entertainment that this device can provide us at any given time.

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